Miranda Is The Latest Yankee With A Walk-Off Win

Carmen Miranda was a Brazilian singer/dancer/actress in the ’40s and ’50s. She was famous for wearing fruit on her head. 
But I’m talking about this Miranda.
Juan is a Yankees farmhand who was called up earlier this month, inserted into tonight’s game and – with two outs in the bottom of the ninth – singled off the leg of Kyle Farnsworth to score Hinske and give the Yanks a thrilling (yes, I know the game didn’t matter) 4-3 win over the Royals – the team’s 15th walk-off victory. Naturally, he earned a face full of whipped cream.
What is going on with the Yankees? Even when they play less than perfect defense, even when they can’t generate much offense against a tough pitcher, even when their starter is just back from his father’s hospital bedside, they find a way to win. Speaking of AJ…
Three hits over six-plus innings with eight strikeouts? Not a bad tune-up for a guy people were so worried about a couple of weeks ago. He looked great and I can’t wait for him to make his first postseason start against them…
or them.
The offense against Lerew, the Royals promising starter, amounted to solo shots by Swisher and Tex. The two runs might have been enough if Phil Coke hadn’t come into the game in the seventh suffering from a brain cramp.
First he spazzed out trying to field Gordon’s bunt. Then he threw wildly on Anderson’s fielder’s choice. Then he completely blanked on Maier’s grounder; he should have thrown home to nab the runner scoring but instead went to first for the out. Oh, Phil.
With the Yankees down a run, it was nice to see Robertson and Bruney hold the Royals scoreless in the eighth. But it was even nicer to see Farnsworth take the hill for KC in the ninth. Ah, the memories.
Poor Farnsy. Cervelli singled off his glove/hand/someplace. Hinske singled off him too. Cano clocked one of his pitches for a deep sac fly, scoring Cervelli. Hinske stole second on him – HINSKE! – and went to third on the catcher’s error. And up stepped Miranda, who got the winning hit when the ball caromed off Farnsy’s shin. The indignity.
Maybe the night had the happy ending it did because of the pre-game ceremony spotlighting Jeter for being the all-time Yankees hits leader, Melky for hitting for the cycle, and Mo for getting his 500th save and receiving his plaque from Yogi.
The expression on Mo’s youngest son’s face says it all for me right now.


I’m not commenting. Just saying it is good to face farmsworth again, but you don’t have to lesterize him!

Great post Jane, like always!! Its always fun when a team like the Yankees can come back and win. ANd I know all I talk about are the “2007 Indians.” Well they had a young man by the name Ben Francisco who either tied or gave us the lead by hitting us home runs in the 7th 8th or 9th innings. He was our go to guy, but it looks like you got a lot of them huh?


Yea Yanks! That was fun! They can win with such surprises! Hinske channelling Brett Gardner?!?!
I listened to the post game on the radio and Suzyn Waldman interviewed Miranda. She said normally, you have to find someone to interpret and everyone is too busy. But she felt that the camaraderie that this team has showed when Ah-save-us came up to her and said if she wanted to interview Miranda, he would interpret for her.

That was an exciting end to the game. As the game got later I questioned why I was watching the Yankees lose a meaningless game since I had a few things I needed to do but the 9th inning showed me why! I wonder what the Yanks are going to do with Miranda (Juan, not Carmen) now that Teixeria is our first baseman for the next 7 years. Will he be traded? In any case I am glad he had a memorable moment in Yankee Stadium.

The Yanks sure like to win dramatically, don’t they! Poor Farnsworth… then again, don’t you EXPECT to win whenever old Farnsy gets sent out there? I do. The whole world does.

Farnsworth looked like Scott Norwood.
The Mets did something nice for Rivera by sending the rubber from the mound after his 500th save and a letter from Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya. I think that warrants a mention.

I remember a few years ago when Mo was going through a rough stretch and some people were wondering if he might be nearing the end of his career. Yeah, right.
The guy is a machine. 500-plus saves is an amazing stat.

Steve T.

I don’t usually watch the pre-game, Jane, but I happened to tune in last night – I’m so happy I didn’t miss that wonderful presentation. I thought it was weird though. Why did they choose to do it on the next to last regular home game of the season and why no notice? I know they kind of wanted to surprise the 3 guys they were honoring (it was pretty obvious by the way Jeter reacted) but it would have been nice for us to have some notice as fans.

The game was quite exciting – happy to see yet another walk off win. 15 in all – WOW! Someone should check how many walk off’s we had last season – I’m sure it was in the single digits. Beating Farny was great too — I could never stand him.

Boston is now officially in the post season and it looks like we’ll face Detroit first – not my preference but if any team can do it, its this team! Our local newspaper had a whole article about how unbalanced A.J.’s performance has been – I don’t know what game the author was watching but it couldn’t have been last night. I think he did fine – he didn’t get the win but we didn’t score early – but he kept us in the game and I feel confident in him after his last three starts. In the meantime, we have four more regular season games for Girardi to rest and prepare this team for the post season. I feel good. GO YANKEES!!!

I wonder if they read Miranda his rights (in Spanish, of course) before the interview…you know, you have the right to remain silent (esp. ’cause not every-Juan can hablo ingles)…if you cannot afford a pie in the face, one will be provided for you…whatevah! Always glad when A.J. pitches well, and smackin’ Farnsy around was an added bonus…OMG, speaking of unloved ex-Yankee hurlers…if the Twinkies Do The Impossible and steal it from the Tigres, would we face CARL F. PAVANO?!? Far out…!!

LOL, ibrenne. I know you’re not commenting. Sshhhh. I won’t tell anyone.

Right, Ted. The 2007 Indians. Great comeback team.

Hinske did channel Gardner, Melissa. My jaw dropped when I saw that. Really cool that A-Save-Us offered to translate for Miranda for his interview. We’ve seen that with Cano and Melky, so it’s nice that others are jumping in to help their teammates.

I don’t even bother to question why I’m watching the games this week, cheshirecat. I’ve just surrendered to the fact that I’m hooked and that’s that! I guess Miranda will be trade bait. You’re right: he’s not getting a shot at first base for the next 100 years!

I did expect to win when I saw Farnsy, Jeff. At first I saw that blazing fastball and figured he’d blow it by everybody. Then I remembered: it’s Farnsy! And all went according to plan. And you know what? I did feel sorry for him. It was an awful way for him to lose.

The Mets did do something nice, Paul. Very classy gesture on their part. Let’s go Mets. Clap clap clap.

That happens every year, Steve. Mo goes through a “rough patch,” which, for him, means blowing a save or maybe two, and everybody is ready to send him to the glue factory. But here he is, still doing his thing. A HOF-er for sure.

The pre-game celebration was handled a bit oddly, Diane, since it surprised everyone, including the recipients, the broadcasters and the fans. They knew the Steinbrenner family was taking everybody out for dinner, so why not announce the ceremony too? Who knows. As for AJ, so many Toronto fans told me he was a streaky pitcher and that’s proven to be the case. So he’s had his bad streak in August and now he’s on a good streak – perfect timing.

Funny about the Miranda rights, Dave. I should have come up with that one, but you beat me to it. I’d love to face Pavano in the playoffs, but I guess it’ll be the Tigers and Verlander. GULP.

So I guess the lesson here is never, ever, ever, ever let Kyle Farnsworth pitch. Ever. Still, it must’ve been nice to see him actually help the Yankees for a change. -Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.blogspot.com

That’s what I was thinking, Erin: Farnsy actually helped the Yankees, which he didn’t do in pinstripes! I guess the Royals were resting Soria or we wouldn’t have had the pleasure of Farnsy’s company.

It is great when one of the “farmy’s” comes up and get something special to keep his name on the minds of the coaches going into the next season.
With a team as stacked as the Yankees, sometimes an event like that can get him an extra look during the spring, and could move up with some explosive offensive and defensive plays.
Let’s hope Miranda give them a option in 2010 that will bring speed, youth and a fresh set of eyes to the Yankees……You never know.

Rays Renegade


I think you’re right, Renegade, and Miranda made everyone take another look. But with Teixeira booked as the Yankees’ first baseman for years to come, I don’t see him as anything other than trade bait. And in that capacity, I hope he brings us a difference maker down the road.

Hi Jane. I was just on mlb.com and there is a quote from you on the blog section: “What is going on with the Yankees? Even when they play less than perfect … they find a way to win.” — Confessions of a She-Fan. Hopefully you got a little extra traffic and more people could be introduced to your great blog!

Thanks for the heads up, cheshirecat. I never know stuff like that unless some nice person like you tells me! I guess the “extra traffic” explains the comment from someone on the previous post about how MLB is conspiring to make it a Yankees-Dodgers World Series. Sometimes traffic is a mixed blessing.🙂

As I sit and watch Justin Louis Chamberlain give up two first inning walks and one run I’m hoping your next awesome post would be about what my Yankees get in a trade for Justin or that he was sent back to triple A. I never bought into all the hype but always go by performance on the field and have never been impressed.

I do believe that maybe other organization have bought into all the propaganda and his average stats and the Yankees can get a good deal for him, cant wait for your next post. V/R Ron

I’m watching too, Ron, and feeling very frustrated by Justin’s performance. He was impressive in his last start, but his inconsistency is maddening. No velocity tonight. No real command. He was a beast out of the pen in ’07 but is clearly a work in progress as a starter. Would I trade him? Probably not. I wish he’d been sent down to Triple A this year to work on his mechanics and get innings though.

I’m glad that I actually saw your Yankees play in person. They are having such a great season. I actually did get Hinske’s autograph for Virginia. When certain names pop up, I can say, hey, I actually talked to these guys!! So cool. I remember that Coke was especially nice.
I love the picture of Mo’s son. How great is that?
I found that it makes baseball much more fun when you can respect other teams as well as your own.. So my acquisition of autographs for my friends has benefited me in many ways.

I’m so glad you saw the Yankees play too, Cat, although I wish it hadn’t been such a hot day that it made you wilt! It does make you feel more connected to a team when you see them in person. I always watch the Dodgers with more interest since I was there to see them that night you engineered for me.

For the short series, Ron, I’d use CC, Andy and AJ in that order. Gaudin could be an emergency starter, as could Aceves. In the pen, I’d use Hughes and Mo, obviously, plus Coke, Robertson, Marte (if we need two lefties), Joba. Bruney’s on the bubble, I guess, but I don’t see him making the roster for the ALDS. Jorge has taken a lot of abuse. All I know is I like our lineup a whole lot better when his bat is in it. And yes we’re tied 3-3 right now. Will there be a pie in someone’s face?

Well, I’m sure of one thing Jane and that is if Justin is brought in as a relief pitcher in the post season there will be a collective groan in the stadium as Yankee fans are among the most astute and know of all the others in the pen who have exceeded expectations. What do you think the rotation will be and list of relievers in the post season?

Also, unless cervelli and molina were in a coma I would not start posada until the post season because I have changed his name this year to Georgie Pinata with all the abuse he has taken behind the plate this year.

Oh, two run blast by swisher, nice.

Well, I’m sure of one thing Jane and that is if Justin is brought in as a relief pitcher in the post season there will be a collective groan in the stadium as Yankee fans are among the most astute and know of all the others in the pen who have exceeded expectations. What do you think the rotation will be and list of relievers in the post season?

Also, unless cervelli and molina were in a coma I would not start posada until the post season because I have changed his name this year to Georgie Pinata with all the abuse he has taken behind the plate this year.

Oh, two run blast by swisher, nice.

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