Happy Anniversary to Me

OK, it’s a little weird to give yourself a cake, but how can I not celebrate? What’s the occasion? The one year anniversary of this blog! I can’t believe I’ve been at it so long.
Last August, the Yankees were on their way to missing the playoffs for the first time in 13 years. Things weren’t going so well. But my publisher said, “Your Yankees book is coming out in February. Start a blog so you’ll make baseball friends.” It felt like a parent saying, “Go play outside and meet other kids.”
I’d written 13 novels, but I had no idea what a blog was, much less how to write one. So I just starting posting daily musings about Yankees games, about my conversations with my Yankee-fan husband, and about my run-ins with non-Yankee fans at holiday gatherings (like this entry, for instance). I even wrote about the wildfires here in Santa Barbara and what it was like to watch baseball while under an evacuation threat. There was always something new to write about, even in the off-season.
Then my “Confessions of a She-Fan” book came out, and I wrote about my publication parties and various signings, including one at spring training in Tampa. I had discovered a new toy by then – the Flip Video camcorder – and began conducting interviews with other fans via the newly christened “She-Fan Cam.”
There were so many ways to entertain with this blog, I discovered. Sometimes I’d get so caught up in my posts that I’d forget to get dressed.
Thanks to Mark Newman, our MLBlogosphere guru, for all the technical help. Thanks to Vanessa of Flair for the Dramatic for being my first MLBlogger friend. (Good luck at college, V!) Thanks to Jeff and Allen of Red State Blue State, the top dogs at MLBlogs, for throwing a few readers my way. And thanks to the Yankee fans who’ve made this blog a destination; you have great taste in baseball teams.🙂
As for the Yankees’ 7-2 series loss against the Rangers, was that game frustrating or what? The starter for Texas, Nippert, walked seven batters and yet the Yanks couldn’t find a way to score more than a couple of runs. Come on! And AJ looked like he would be lights out – we were all saying on Twitter that he had no-hitter stuff – but gave up a homer to Kinsler in the fourth. Coke was atrocious. And Robertson served another one up to Kinsler. But it’s on to the White Sox this weekend and a chance to pad our lead in the division. Let’s step it up, Yankees, and take it to the pale hose!


congratulations, Jane!!!! your blog has been nothing but delightful – an entertaining and funny blog that also has served as an online clubhouse for not only Yankee fans but baseball fanatics of other teams – your blog is the place to be every day of the season..

Top 5 Best Things about Jane’s Blog
1) consistent writing
2) very funny
3) fosters great camaraderie amongst baseball fans
4) you answer everybody’s comment sincerely
5) genuine love and knowledge of the Yankees and baseball


A year old? Hey, you don’t look a day over six months.

Have one for me,

el duque

I agree with levelboss, Jane – plus you also make other Yankees fanatics feel normal. Its difficult being so focused on the season when you deal with other people who are either not fans or are not involved on a day to day (inning to inning) basis. Congrats on the first of hopefully many anniversaries.

I caught up on the blog late last night — I am a big sports fan — love football and hockey — but I realized something over a year ago. I am not a baseball fan – I’m a YANKEES fan. I can watch any two teams play football or hockey – we host a big SuperBowl party every year – but where baseball is concerned, if the Yankees are not involved, neither am I. I don’t even watch the World Series if the Bombers aren’t in it. So the last few years have been terrible in October for me – I’m depending on our team to get back to the W.S. in 2009!!! GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations on your first year! May there be many more. As I go through my morning list of web sites, I’m always looking forward to yours. I’ll sing a round of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” in your honor today.

Congrats to you and hubby! Meeting you at spring training has changed my life. I never did this blog thing before I met you and read your book. I would really appreciate a piece (or three) of that cake. It looks fabulous! I assume being as multi talented as you are (the chicken) that you baked it and decorated it.

Happy Anniversary Jane! I have to third everything levelboss said. I look forward to reading your blog every morning, either to celebrate a win or to get a laugh after a loss (thankfully much more of the former this season). I am glad I got a chance to meet you, brief and loud though it was, at Stans.
Thank goodness the Red Sox lost last night. I am looking forward to putting this series behind us and stomping on the “Pale Hose”!

Way to go Jane. I’m raising my Baileys and coffee to say “Here’s to you.” Keep on bloggin’

ditto, ditto, ditto… Congratulations, Jane! Reading your blog every day has been a highlight of a very exciting season so far. I always know I can count on you to bring a smile to my face and a laugh, even when (especially when?) things are ugly on the field. Meeting you and Michael in NY was a treat. Looking forward to many more of your Yankee postings (and maybe some new fiction……)

Happy Anniversary Lady Jane !!!!! One year down and many, many more to go …I read two blogs faithfully every day ….yours and Pete Abe’s. I get lots of info from Pete since he has the inside scoops as the beat writer and I get pure enjoyment and some good belly laughs from yours. I feel like we have so much in common with the Yankees starting with our love of the Mick and our true passion for them all these years.

I found out about your book when it was recommended by other bloggers. I ordered it right away… loved reading it and just like I feel down when the Yankee season ends so did I when the book ended ….I wanted more !!! When’s the sequel due?? I’m sure it’s one I’d enjoy. Thankfully I get little pieces of your writing each and every day on this blog. I had the great pleasure of meeting you at the book signing at Stan’s and hopefully I’ll win the lottery so we can do that full season road trip together too… :o). (I hope Michael doesn’t mind tho’…lol). Imagine how we could talk Yankees 24/7 while “stalking” them from city to city.. .wouldn’t that be grand !!!

Keep up the good work Jane….witty, funny, passionate about the team and in plain words …a really terrific lady. Thank you sincerely for bringing a smile to my face each and every day.

Here’s to a Yankee sweep starting tonight….Go CC !!!!

Go Yankees 2009 !!!

Happy anniversary Jane! Thanks for keeping us all entertained every day. Just don’t let Sparky Lyle see the cake before you get a chance to eat it.


Forget anyone?

Congratulations She-Fan,
I love your blog; read it every day! I’m a long time, die-hard Yankee fan, and I love the fresh outlook you bring to reading about our team.
Keep it up… Pete

Congrats, Jane! Those legs leave me… er… curious? Thanks for the shout-out. A few readers your way? Haha. You’re the top! Hehe. It’s been great having you as a baseball friend. Your book was a pleasure to read and so is your blog — obviously — cuz we keep comin’ back. (So does Prince, as you can see above😉

Hey Jane, happy one-year blogging! And you just keep getting better (and funnier) — I’m looking forward to the Yankees being in the postseason again if for no other reason than to read your take on NYY baseball in October. Keep it up!


Jane: You have been making people like me laugh and smile with this blog for a year now. Thank you, and congradulations. I always love coming to your blog, and many times I come here last, saving the best for last🙂 After a Yankee loss, you brighten my day with humor, and after a win, you do the same. You always answer my questions, even the silly ones about Mitre and Cervelli. Only a special kind of person can tolerate that stuff again and again. You are such an individual. And even though I do celebrity lookalikes on occasion, they pale next to yours. Keep up the excellent work. I love you!

Hey Ya, Jane…
Hearty Happy Anniversary…everything everybody already said is right on the mark, so let me just raise it by the power of two (exponentially?) — or something like that. Like the rest of your readers & posters, I didn’t know what to expect at first, but your blog has surpassed ALL expectations. Two things have never ceased to amaze me — first, how many non-Yankee baseball fans seem to be devoted reader/bloggers, INCLUDING Bosox fans…partly because you are SO witty/funny, and also ’cause you’re never rude or ungracious to ’em, so it’s a phenomenal compliment to you…and second, how you’re able to find something fun/funny/disarming about every loss, be they embarrassing or tough or whatever. Folks, if you’ve read Jane’s book by now, you’d understand how she’s able to do that so well — and if you haven’t, WHAT’S KEEPIN’ YA? BUY IT, ALREADY!! Even if you don’t love the Yanks…remember, she wrote about the ’07 season, not exactly 1927 or ’61 for Yankee lovers…so there’s a dare…oh, and reason #3, I feel like I could (and have?) made some new friends myself from reading & blogging — on that note, Hi Diane! Congrats again…and Go You Bombers…!!

Happy Anniversary! A whole year. Makes my two months seem awfully small, LOL. I can only hope to have as popular a blog as you do by a year old. You’re a fantastic writer, Jane, as I’m sure you’ve been told a million times. Thanks for being a fan of my blog too. You’re one of the reasons I even made one! It’s good to have people to rant on and on with about baseball when you don’t have many in your life to do so with. Again, thanks for basically just being you! You rock!

– Lisa

Congratulations, Jane! I can’t believe it’s been a year already! I have enjoyed reading your blog a lot, even if it is about the Yankees😉 Here’s to many more blog posts, billions in book sales, and no more wildfires!-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.blogspot.com

Yikes. Just woke up and checked the blog and saw everybody’s comments! I’m so flattered by the responses here, and am genuinely touched by the fact that people are stopping by to read. Thank you for celebrating with me! Before I respond to specific comments, let me lash myself with a whip for omitting the former Prince of New York, who now holds forth at http://www.paullebowitz.com/. Paul knows more about baseball than most and isn’t shy about sharing his opinions. His new book is the evidence.

So we go around the horn….

Levelboss, I always look forward to your comments. They come in late at night, so they’re usually the first to appear. Since the first time I saw your screen name, I’ve wanted to ask, “What does levelboss mean?” Answer, please! And thanks for the Top Five List. It rocks.

Duque, I only wish you were around to celebrate with. Why do you have to live in that distant, frigid place?

“I make other Yankee fans feel normal.” LOL, Diane!!!! I love that. I’m so glad to have your company, and have enjoyed hearing your take on the Yanks this season. I do follow other teams too, so I watch the playoffs and World Series even if the Yankees aren’t in it. Not with the same intensity, of course, but I love the game and am shattered when the season’s over.

Mel, I can hear you singing. Good voice you’ve got there! I’m very grateful that you’ve included this blog in your morning roundup of blogs. I’m reaching out and shaking your hand. Nice to “meet” you!

John, I wish I had baked that cake; I’d eat it for breakfast! It was a pleasure meeting you in Tampa and I hope we can rendezvous there next spring. Thanks for all your comments. It’s been fun hearing about your trips this summer to Nation country.

Cheshirecat, that meeting at Stan’s was hilarious. It was so LOUD in the bar that I couldn’t hear a thing. You were standing by the book table and kept saying your name. When I finally heard it I jumped up and said, “CHESHIRECAT!” Very sweet of you to come to the signing. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you through the blog.

Bailey’s and coffee, Austin. Now that’s the way to live! Thanks for the congrats and the encouragement. They’re much appreciated.

Ladyjane, it was such a great surprise when you joined us at the Yankees-Nationals game in June (bummer that we lost, but at least we got to meet!). I enjoyed our brief chat and look forward to more. How about a road trip the next time the Yanks are in CA? As for fiction, I’ve started a new novel and I’m trying to pull back a little from the blogging to make time to write every day. It’s not easy with the Yanks being in the middle of a pennant race!

Thanks for those kind words, Peggy. We do have The Mick in common, as well as years and years of the Yanks. And I’d love to take that road trip. When are you winning the lottery again? LOL. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed having you stop by the blog on a regular basis. Your comments reflect your personality – feisty and passionate!

HAHAHA, Pinstripe! I’m trying not to picture Sparky sitting on that cake in his birthday suit! Maybe we can get him to read the blog though. Can you imagine what he’d have to say?

Paul, a thousand pardons and see my note above. You, like Vanessa, were there at the beginning and helped me put one foot in front of the other. Many thanks.

Pete, I appreciate your congrats and I’m thrilled that you’ve been stopping by the blog. It’s great to “meet” another Yankees diehard. I’ll keep writing if you keep reading!

Jeff, you and Allen showed me how it was done, so kudos to you guys. Thanks for continuing to put up with me and my Yankees-centric view of life. I know you wish my team would vanish off the face of the earth but you keep reading anyway. That takes guts!

I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog, David, and hope your Yankees book is doing well. It’ll be fun if the Yankees make it all the way through the playoffs for many reasons, not the least of which is the material. Just think of the blog posts! I’m salivating.

Aw, you’re sweet, Virginia. I thought of you yesterday during the game when Ken Singleton mentioned that the Yanks might bring up Cervelli to cover while Jorge’s finger heals. I thought, Oh, Virginia will be so excited! I understand your crushes on these guys because I’ve been there!

One of the real pleasures of this blog, Dave, has been reconnecting with you after many years, but also to connect fans to other fans. It’s such a kick that you and Diane share an interest in music and concerts, as well as the Yanks. I hope you too meet someday and have a double date with your spouses!

Lisa, your blog may be new but it’s already catching fire and deservedly so. Your humor permeates every post, as does your love for the Yanks. I gladly pass the torch!

Ah, the wildfires, Erin. ‘Tis the season again, unfortunately. We’re having big time heat and high winds now. This morning a helicopter was hovering overhead and I figured we were in for it. But it turned out to be a false alarm and we’re OK for now. Thanks for the good wishes and for tolerating my Yankee fan-ness!

Jane, ‘levelboss’ is a videogame term; in arcade style video games from the mid-80’s to the late 90’s, the style of play concerned moving a character through several campaigns or levels throughout the game (ex., the jungle level, the factory level); at the end of these levels would be an enemy character (like a robot or a monster) that would be very very difficult to defeat; in order to complete that level and move on to the next level, players would have to get past the ‘level boss’ (also called an ‘end boss’ or just a ‘boss’)

Alrighty, then…a-one, and a-two, and a-three (to the tune of “Happy Happy Birthday Baby,” by The Tune Weavers):
“Happy Annivers’ry, Janie…
Post your blogs with old and new…
Ever since this blog we met…
Seems we somehow can’t forget…
Lovin’ Yanks, it’s what we do (ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba…)
Happy Annivers’ry, Janie…
This blog’s everyboby’s baby…
Though they don’t all love our team…
You can make ’em laugh and scream…
With the postings that you do-ooo!…
Will you remember…
Once we get to September…
Baseball’s our baby…it drives us crazy…
Un-til we say goo-ood-bye…
Hope the Yanks don’t spoil your birthday…
‘Cause with you, each day’s a Mirth Day…
So, until we post again…let me say it once again…
Happy Annivers’ry, Ja-nieee!”

Jane: Ken Singleton really said that? Oh,…..I….I can’t believe it!!!! YAY!!! Jane, I missed the game yesterday! I can always count on you for good news like that! Oh, Cervelli!!!! -Virginia

Finally, I have an explanation, Levelboss! Mystery solved. Thanks!

You missed your calling, Dave. Birthday and Mirth Day. I love it.

Yes, he really did say it, Virginia, and I did think of you when I heard Cervelli’s name. So you could be seeing him very soon.

Yeah! Congrats on one year! SO happy to have you with us!


Jane you have three great things,…


1. Your a great writer


2. Your so funny!


3. You wrote a book.


Happy anniversary, and hopefully I will join you among the mlblogs top 100. I have a new post up.🙂

Thanks, Jenn. It’s great to be blogging buddies with you.

I have no doubt that you’ll have a quick rise in the rankings, TribeTed. Your enthusiasm comes through in every post you write, not to mention a love for your team.

Jane –
Happy Anniversary!

My Grandad from Scotland used to toast happy occasions with a simple “Happy Day” and a Scottish grin.

“Happy Day” to you.

Thanks for all the time you put in.


I like your Grandad’s custom, Wendy. A “Happy Day” is perfect. I enjoy your comments so much and look forward to more!

Congratulations on your one year anniversary! It is always a pleasure late at nigh when I look for your blog to read your latest post! You always make me smile or laugh late at night. You are a great lady! This so true what lever said “fosters great camaraderie amongst baseball fans” Thanks Jane!

Really nice of you to say, Emma. We west coasters do our blogging and commenting late at night, and it’s great to know somebody else is out there!

Wow, congrats on a year Jane. Have enjoyed reading. That must be almost 365 posts. You folks who blog everyday are amazing. Haha. I wish I could post that much (well, I could but 95% of it would bore the heck out of people) and continue to be interesting and enjoyable to read, like this blog. Great job.

Red Sox Ramblings: http://thevendahhh.mlblogs.com

Honestly, Greg, I don’t know how I post every day. I keep saying I’m going to stop and then something happens in Yankeeville and I can’t help myself. Thanks for reading.

Glad your first year had such great memories for you.
We all know that this is a great stress release for you to enjoy the Yankees with fans from coast-to-coast without leaving the house. Perfect mode of enjoying the relating to people via the web.
But then again, it was a thrill to meet you in March in Tampa too and put a personal face to the outlandishly clever and funny material that flows from the page.
Glad you enjoyed the “Little River Band” video today.
Just looking forward to more years and more moments of reading “Confessions of a SheFan” for a long, long long time!

Rays Renegade


Congrats on your one year anniversary, Jane! I must agree with everything levelboss said in the first comment, especially about the camaraderie. I love coming here to “talk baseball” even though we are on opposite sides of the fence, so to speak.

Thank you for always taking the time to answer comments and questions and emails. I truly appreciate it.


Happy Anniversary, Jane!

I always enjoy your very unique take on things. This blog has become a “must visit” for me.

Plus, that cake is awesome!

Renegade, it was great meeting you in Tampa and I hope to come back next spring. Will certainly let you know if I do. Thanks for all your insightful comments. They never fail to make an interesting point.

Your participation means a lot, Jen, because I know it’s annoying for a Red Sox fan to read about Yankees stuff. But I enjoy your take on our teams and, of course, your writing is super!

I’m so glad the blog is a “must visit” for you, dorgal. That means a lot to me. Sometimes I sit here writing a post and I wonder if anybody will read it!

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