What Happened After Last Night’s Game

I had a talk with CC. It was too late to post it last night…..


Hahahahaha. CC rockin’ the dreads. Imagine seeing that in real life? I’d fall over LOLing.

Anyways, he pitched great last night. Let’s hope Andy keeps it up tonight!

– Lisa

This video is nice, the website where you can make the dialogue, you feel like you’re a movie director already.

Matthew Tang

CC in dreads would be a sight to see, Lisa. Maybe in the off-season he’ll grow out his hair or get some extensions! Cheering Andy on for tonight.

I feel like a regular Steven Spielberg, matthew. Hahaha!

That’s awsome! I would certainly be down for eating some cheesecake with CC.

I’m sure he’d be down for eating some cheesecake – or anything else – with you too, YRC!

Am I the only one who thinks its absolutely glorious that since July 14th 2009, one month ago, the Yankees have lost 6 times (51-37 to 72-43)? I feel spoiled.

Oh also Im getting annoyed that the Yankees can’t seem to get that Last 10 column on the standing to 10-0! Its always 9-1 or 8-2. I am going to call for Girardi’s head if he cant get it to 10-0 soon…..😉

Jane, was the wierd arm-raising supposed to be a wave? LOL!
LIGHT postgame dinner, lol! Well done, these videos of yours never fail to make me laugh!


Jane: This one was the best conversation yet! And that’s saying something!!! I know CC’s a big fella, but does he really eat that much after the game?! I wonder what would happen if CC one day just randomly showed up at the ballpark with dreads! Ha!
My aunt is a casual baseball fan, she watches an occasional game. She likes the Marlins. The Yanks are her next favorite. My grandma is a huge Yankees fan like us. She watches every game, and is angry when they play badly. I guess that’s where I get that anger from🙂 Bye! -Virginia

It’s been an amazing run, rocklandyanks. And “glorious” is a good word for it. If they keep playing like this, there’s no stopping them, which means they’ll have to find a way to beat the Angels!

Yep, FBC. That was supposed to be a wave. So strange, right? I’m glad the videos are making you laugh. They make me laugh when I do them. If I start boring you guys, let me know!

CC strikes me as a guy with a big appetite, Virginia. For all I know he eats nothing but sunflower seeds, but somehow I doubt it! Very cool that your grandma is a big Yankee fan. I’m so glad she handed down her fandom to you.

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