Sending XX to CC

Talk about a dominant performance. CC Sabathia was a beast, giving up only two hits in the Yankees’ 5-0 win over the Red Sox. Both offenses looked flat (how could they not after those draining 15 innings on Friday night), but thanks to a hit here and a walk there, plus Jeter’s two-run shot in the eighth, the Bombers managed to pull off another “W.”
They’re a hot baseball team right now, and I hope they ride their “hotness” as long as they can. Sunday night’s game won’t be easy with Pettitte facing Lester. But I summoned Andy to my house for a private chat. Here’s how it went.
As you can see, we got along great. Now I just hope he wins the game. 


CC was a amazing, I usually haft to see yankee games on a espn gamecast, but this time we fans in Nebraska got to see it on Fox. CC, Robbie, Jeter, beating the sox. It was great. wow, I’m excited for game 4, SWEEP


CC was incredible. I am LOVING life in New York right now. Three in a row versus the Red Sox of all teams. I don’t think it could get any better than this!

Great chat you had, there. I didn’t know Andy was so “defensive”, LOL. Next time you see him, give him my love as well. Haha.

– Lisa

Jane, you are hysterical..and life is GOOD being up 5.5 games!!! Your talks always work you know. You talk in Cleveland was a huge hit! I’ve got my broom ready for tomorrow!

Great video. The techno monotone voices make it even funnier!


very funny video, Jane. My first visit here…won’t be my last.

Haha. Loved the pep talk. Too bad you couldn’t edit your own voice in there.


Johnny, you’re so lucky you got to see the game on Fox in Nebraska. I was blacked out here in CA for Angels-Rangers and had to follow the action on MLB. Great win, wasn’t it? CC was spectacular.

I’ll be sure to give Andy your love, Lisa! I bet it’s great to be in NY right now, enjoying this winning streak, but it’s pretty fine to be here and watching it from afar.

Thanks, Megan. Five-and-a-half games up does feel a whole lot better than being behind. I just hope the Yanks can keep it up.

Glad you liked it, FBC. Those computer voices are creepy but funny too. You can never really get them to say words the way they’re written.

I appreciate your visit, tsdmdk. Nice to “meet” you.

Thanks, Greg. The editing capabilities are limited. They basically give you choices of background/characters/music and then you write the script. Their computer does the rest. A great toy.

I hope Andy got the message! Thanks She-Fan! Let’s go for the sweep on national TV!


Andy was pitching when Lester was in diapers? Damn that makes me feel old! This is the first time this year that I feel confident that the Yanks will make the playoffs. That might not sound like much but I became a fan in the early eighties when they started a drought of missing the playoffs for fourteen years. I never take the playoffs for granted. All you have to do is get there and then anything, good or bad, can happen.

I only saw the first half of the game. I guess I didn’t miss much. Back to the drawing board…


Another dazzler! Too bad the perfect game ended with a walk to Big Papi. Just a few hits after that. What are the odds of holding Boston scoreless for 24 straight innings?!!

Now, against my normal Yankee-fan tendencies, Boston got the short end of the stick in yesterday’s game. Throwing out the pitcher who hit A-Rod without any warning was wrong. They warned every Yankees pitcher since but you knew we weren’t going to hit anyone. There were also some pretty obvious bad “ball/strike” calls — Yes, I want to win every game, especially against Boston, but I want it to go right too.

Jane, I’m not sure if its your humor or your love of the Yankees that I enjoy most but keep up on both and I’ll never leave this blog.

Jane: You never run out of funny stuff! I love this blog!
I love being 5.5 games up, but I would rather be 6.5. I don’t mean to be greedy either, but a sweep would shut up Red Sox fans even more. Right now, we have BRAGGING RIGHTS! HAHAHA! Yeah. But there is a lot of ball left to play, but I know we have a GREAT SHOT AT #27 THIS YEAR! -Virginia

A sweep on national TV would be quite a turnaround from our 0-8 start, Scott, wouldn’t it? But no matter what happens, I’m so proud of the Yanks for pitching well, defending well for the most part and for getting the timely hits. Good for them!

Well, “Andy” may have exaggerated a little in the video, Len. Haha. I’m the same way as you are: I don’t take the playoffs for granted. This season is sure to have more twists and turns as we head down the home stretch. And then it’s the team that’s hot at the end who wins it all. Please let it be the Yanks!

No, you didn’t miss much, Jen. There were moments when it looked like both sides were too tired to play, and I could hardly blame them.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that last sentence, Diane. And I look forward to your comments here, both because you love the Yanks and because you have great insights about the game. Your sense of humor doesn’t hurt, either!

Thanks, Virginia. Your blog is always great too. I think we both would love to have a healthy cushion at the top of the division going forward, because it won’t be an easy route to the playoffs. Things can change quickly, so we need to strike while the iron is hot. (Sorry for all the cliches today.)

CC’s the man, in my opinion, he’s well deserving of the money he’s receiving with the way he pitched. I thought he’d be pitching a perfect game too. Yankees can sure sweep the Red Sox tonight with more TV viewers on ESPN.

Matthew Tang

LOL. The tone of you and Andy’s voices is eerily similar to his recent performances: a bit dull. Gonna be a good game though… even I’m getting sucked into this sensationalized rivalry. Yikes!

Yep, I’ve seen enough of C.C. during his time in Cleveland to know how he operates. He always gets off to a rough start, then he settles in and pitches your team into the playoffs. Where he, um, sucks again (sorry, Jane). Well, it’s not like he got a lot of playoff experience with the Indians, so maybe things will be different with the Yanks.-Erin

An unbelievable performance from CC. And to think he had a no no so far into the game. Imagine that, a no hitter in a Yankees-Red Sox game.

Jane – You’re right. It WILL be interesting to see if Pettitte can hold up his end of the sweep, but I’m not dwelling too much on a potential bad day. We can all assume that Andy won’t let up more than 4 or 5 runs max, so if we keep our bats in line – we can definently put up bigger numbers than the accented, hat-sideways-wearing Boston boys…
“You guys ready to rent some cahs?”
30 minutes until game time! 5.5 ahead never looked so good… Looking forward to your next read! (And writing myself again, I’ve been away a few days…)

CC was very tough, Matthew – exactly what we were hoping for when Cashman signed him. Maybe his outing and AJ’s will inspire Pettitte to have a great one of his own tonight.

Haha. Very cool that The Rivalry has gotten you caught up in it, Jeff. You’re lucky though. You can watch the games without living and dying with every pitch!

Erin, I hear that about CC. But when the Yanks faced him in the ’07 ALDS, he was mighty good – good enough to beat us. I’ll take my chances with him.

I can’t even imagine a no-hitter during a Yankees-Red Sox game, Dillon. It would be “stellar.”

Now it’s only 15 minutes until game time, JQuist. My stomach has its usual butterflies. I just hope Andy is calm and collected. Will come and check out your latest post.

I love the chat! So when She-fan talks, Andy listens!
Congratulations on the sweeep and having the best record in baseball

Jane, your Yankees are hot. I am so glad for you. I am a bit worried about my Dodgers but I remember what you have told me when they have lost. And it makes me feel better.

I guess Andy did listen, Emma. He was fantastic!

And yes, Cat, remember what I told you! Not to worry!

I was at this game it was ah-mazing

Lucky you, 2yankeeboy! I wish I’d been there. Must have been ah-mazing.

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