Check That….Three Walkoffs Are Better Than Two

I know the Yankees aren’t going to stage dramatic comebacks every day, but this run of victories sure is fun while it lasts. Today’s 3-2 win over the Twins in 10 innings starred yet another hero: Johnny Damon. But honorable mention has to go to:

* Pena, subbing for Cano at second, for saving a run in the first.
* A-Rod for getting the Yanks on the board with a homer in the seventh.
* AJ for pitching six-plus innings of really good ball.
* Bombko for not giving up any bombs with bases loaded and one out in the eighth.
* Tex for making that incredible stab in the eighth on Span’s grounder, then throwing out Cuddyer from his knees.
* Mo for coming back after two innings last night to hold the Twins scoreless in the ninth.
* Aceves for blanking the Twins in the tenth.
And now….onto the hero himself. Wow. Yay. Hallelujah.


Walkoffs are awesome! Hey, I got a cheap ticket to the Sunday Yanks-Phils game! Whoo hoo! Called ticketmaster and they were very helpful :O) It’s kind of far away, but still in the lower level…can’t wait to go!!


Walkoffs are so much fun. Tompko did better than Mota. Kershaw had a no-no going into the 8th when he gave up a hit. The score at that time was 10-0. the final score was 12 to 5.


I’m hoping the Yankees, or rather their organization, gives us, their fans, free medical care, mainly cardiology, for this sorts of games… I must say, I LOVE IT! especially when we win!

the Yankees are walk-off artists

These wins are definitely great but it would also be nice for a couple of big blowouts on our side. Sometimes I just wanna drink my drink and fade into oblivion rather than pacing around all game like a wildcat. Unlucky series for the Twins. Kind of like the week we had with the Sox and Rays.

Lucky you, Jenn! I can’t wait to hear how you like the new stadium. I hope the game is a good one too. It’s no small thing for my guys to be going up against the world champions.

Emma, I heard about Kershaw’s almost no-no. So close! And then, of course, the bullpen makes it interesting. Don’t I know.

What a good idea, Latinyankeerebel. The Yankees should give us all health insurance and pay all our medical bills. Makes perfect sense to me.

That they are, Levelboss. I’m loving it as long as it lasts.

Len, the Twins must be wondering if there really is mystique and aura at the new stadium. They could have won all three of those games.

LOL.. Damon vid is hilarious as well. Nice musical choice.
A lot of positives in this game.. with three walk off wins obviously being the highlight =)
Shall we try for four?
– V [ http// ]

Normally, I have NO time on weekends to post nuttin’ — but this sure was a nice one, and I’m outa town with family tomorrow — SO — just wanted to chime in with a big AMEN! It works for me!! Don’t know where you got the music, but that was great too — keep Tex’s glove as hot as Johnny D’s bat, and keep this train a-rollin’ any old way…!

Jane, you never fail to make me smile-even when we lose, but always when we win. Your so clever with your pictures and videos. Keep up your great work and let’s watch our “boys of summer” bring it home this year.

I did get to hear Ray Bradbury speak. I just did not finish my sentence. What I wished was that I knew before so that I could have taken a book for him to sign like some people did. You are right that he is a wonderful speaker.

I’m ready for four, V. Not to get greedy, but these games are just so much better than the depressing ones.

We’ll try to hold down the fort while you’re out of town with your family, Dave. Have fun.

Thanks for reading, nparlin. Glad to know you’re smiling, win or lose.

Now I understand, Emma. Got it!

I love your choice of music for this one. It suits Johnny to a T.

Three walk-offs in a row? Wow! You can’t get much more exciting than that! Well, I guess four walk-offs???Russ

Flip Video only offers, like, five choices for music, Bern. So if the Yankees keep having walkoffs, I’ll be down to my last tune!

I’d be good with four, Russ. This stuff never gets old.

Uh oh… someone’s camera and television are making sweet, sweet love. Does Jane know about this? Ha. Exciting indeed. As much as I want to hate the guy, Damon is cool in my book.

Jeff, I did hate the guy (as a Red Sock), but now I think he’s the greatest. So fickle.

Wow, that is sooo cool! The Padres got a walkoff the other night…solo homer in the bottom of the 16th!!

Wow. The 16th, Kaybee. That’s too much stress but at least it had a happy ending.

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