Yankees Win Series: Kumbaya Or Whatever

Tonight’s 3-2 victory over the Blue Jays was a beautiful thing with everyone’s chakras aligned in perfect harmony. I have no idea what I’m talking about, but peace, love and om.
* It was great to win a back-to-back series against a division rival.
* It was great to rebound after being handcuffed by Halladay on Tuesday.
* It was great to witness Damon tying the Yankees’ record for consecutive games with extra-base hits, previously held by Mattingly and O’Neill.
* It was great to watch another sparkling performance by CC, who gave us eight innings of two-run ball and always seemed to make the right pitch when he needed to.
(Did anyone else gasp when Hill hit that hard liner right at CC’s face in the first inning? I was sure he’d end up like this.)
* It was great to see Gardner throw out Barajas in the fifth. Nice tag by Cervelli too.
* It was great to have Jeter and Matsui back in the lineup, making important contributions.
* It was great to stand up and cheer while Mo did his thing in the ninth, even though I was by myself and no one could hear me.
Rolen: ground out
Millar: comebacker
Barajas: strikeout
OK, I’ll stop with all the “greats.” What was really cool about the game was the way the veterans and rookies worked together as a team.
There was timely hitting/good pitching/crisp defense by both the old guard…
…and the newbies.
If the Yankees keep this up, they could make things pretty interesting, not to mention stick it to those who’ve already written them off.
For example, I got an email today from an editor at a publishing house who passed on a Yankees-related book proposal my agent submitted. The editor’s reason? “The Yankees are struggling, the A-Rod debacle is ongoing, Mark Teixeira is hitting .191,” she wrote in the email. “I can’t see this being a season that fans will want to read about.”
Oh, really? Did the Yankees not get off to a miserable start in 2007 and make the playoffs anyway? Since when do April and May determine what will happen in September and October? And why would anyone underestimate the Yankees – ever?
Yes, I’m biased, but I’m hardly the only one.
(Last call for the Flip Video Contest! Deadline is midnight on Friday, so send your Favorite Fan Moment photo if you haven’t already done so.)


Johnny Damon has suddenly become the go-to hitter for the Yankees. I suspect most Yankees’ fans would not have expected him to be the player who would be driving in the runs night after night.


Julia, Damon will be a free agent after this year. He’s playing for a contract. He’s even campaigning for it, mentioning it in interviews and such saying he wants to re-sign with the Yankees. I love how he’s playing these days but I hope the Yankees don’t get lulled into re-signing this guy. He’s too old.

Congratulations to the Yankees for winning this game. It is nice when everything seems to be going right during a game. It’s like the baseball gods are on your side.

Good or bad, a franchise like the Yankees is always relevant. Simply look at the blog traffic on your blog and others about the team. Whether you love them or hate them, you still want to know about them. It is kind of like Ohio State football around where I live.Russhttp://wight4256.mlblogs.com

Ah, no way… you did not just compare Chris Brown to C.C. Maybe that’s what Brown needs — an ^ss whoopin’ from the most expensive pitcher in baseball.

Hey Jane.

I gave a couple of your Yankees some love in my recent post. Would love to hear if you think I got it right.


Good good stuff, Miz J. Glad to take 2 of 3 from the division leader ANY day — when those two hook up, I tend to hope that the team needing it most does the best — not usually a problem in recent years, but life is long…what a nice blend we could have of whiz kids and wheeze kids (sorry to steal that one, Phillie Phans!)…now let’s hope that a warm (?) homecoming welcome for A-Rod will shake him out of any prolonged slump (not to mention Tex, pardner) — and where DID you get that Statue of Liberty?!?

Damon had a good season last year, Julia, so I’m not surprised he’s doing well now. And as Bern said, he’s in a contract year.

Bern, I agree that Damon is old. And his defense is suspect. I wouldn’t sign him to a long-term deal. But if I had the Abreu situation all over again, I sure would have picked him up for a year. You can never have too many bench players, given all the injuries. So maybe I’d sign Johnny for one more.

That’s exactly how last night’s game felt, Cat – like the baseball gods were on the Yankees’ side. It doesn’t happen that often, so I’ll take it!

I agree, Russ. The Yankees always generate interest – both positive and negative.

Good idea, Jeff. Let’s put Brown in the ring with CC. That’ll teach him.

Hey, Toby. I’ll check out your post in a few.

I think A-Rod is looking better in his last at-bats, Dave. All those warning track fly balls will turn into HRs soon, you’ll see. As for Tex, I don’t know what to say. He’s getting his walks, but that’s not exactly what we expected on May 15.

What idiot would write off ANY team in May? Did people write off the Sox when they started slow? Morons.

Right on, Letsgoyankees. Totally short-sighted.

Jane, Gotta love the newbies coming through ! Yankees need that from those guys ! Cervelli was great, he has that spark like swisher. They remind me of how Brian Doyle played . ( showing my age )
I Stood up and cheered to after Rivera stuck out the final guy. Neighbors downstairs told me to keep it down . Go Figure.

Clearly, you need to move, Brendan! Any neighbor who doesn’t understand Mo’s greatness is not a good neighbor! I like Cervelli’s spark too. He’s very animated behind the plate and seems to work well with CC, in particular.

Namaste, Jane! Thanks for the re-cap. I didn’t get to see the game last night because I was watching another incredibly annoying episode of Survivor with friends. It sounds like it was great though. My husband felt the need to say they won because I wasn’t watching. Pooh.

Hi Jane, I just finished reading your confessions of a she-fan book,(which i loved!!!) and i dont want to get my hopes up, but i would love it if you wrote another book about the Yankees!

You passed up the Yankees for “Survivor,” Yankees Reality Check? You missed a good one. Let’s hope for a great outing from Hughes tonight.

Hey, Stacie. I’m so glad you enjoyed “She-Fan.” I would love to write another book about the Yankees. I just need a publisher to say yes to my proposal. Maybe soon. Cross all fingers and toes.

ill keep them crossed!!!
Please keep us up to date on When they say yes!

Yes, it was a very good book. Definitely a different perspective than other baseball books that I’ve read. Any news of turning it into a movie or anything else? If they could do Bronx is Burning then they could also do this. There might have to be some bleeped words though!

Will do, Stacie. It’s sort of up to the Yankees. If they play better, my chances of writing another book about them get better too!

Thanks, Len. Funny you should mention “Bronx Is Burning.” I’m collaborating with the writer/producer of that miniseries and we’re hoping to put a movie version of “She-Fan” together. We think we have a great way to do it (with most of the curse words bleeped out), so fingers and toes crossed for that too.

Loved your post in the N.Y times. I just read it. Hey I belong to this book club that sends me the start of a book for 5 days (Monday thru Friday),then is up to you if you want to buy the book or check it out at the library. Anyway, this week’s fiction book feature was “ONCE UPON A FASTBALL by Bob Mitchell. I thought about you when I read that he lives in Santa Barbara.

Thanks, Emma. I don’t know about the novel you mentioned, but I’ll certainly be on the lookout for it since the author is a local boy. Sounds right up my alley.


The video of Jordan’s award winning essay presentation is on my blog.


I’ll go look, Ken.

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