According to Peter Abraham, Nady’s elbow needs surgery and he will miss the entire season? Excuse me?

Are we really talking about Xavier the VI or VII or whatever number of Xaviers he is? The guy I didn’t want the Yankees to trade? The player who, with Swisher, gives us the best, most versatile roster we’ve had in years? That Xavier? The X-Man?
I know he had his elbowed repaired some time back, but all he did last night was throw the damn ball back to the infield after a Rays’ hit. It wasn’t as if he labored through nine innings or tried to clock someone during a brawl or even slept on it wrong.
And so I must ask….
Are these people made of glass?
The Yankees haven’t issued any announcements yet, but I’m completely unglued by this news….as you can see.
I do have a question though….Why does Xavier have to miss the whole season? Can’t he go to the same miracle worker in Colorado who just sewed up A-Rod’s hip? I hear Vail is lovely this time of year.


*plop* …. that was me fainting in the middle of the hallway in my office… not the X-man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0(

i think his ligament is torn and needs to be repaired. i guess it is possible that he could DH all year, but we dont need another one of those

I fainted too, Latinyankeerebel.

No, Mike. We don’t need another DH. Cashman needs to make a move.

regarding the video, it would be fun to understand what she was saying.. it was hilarious!

If you go on YouTube, they have the video with translations. Basically, she’s upset because she missed her flight. It’s called overreacting, which is probably what I’m doing right now.

Tough break for the Yanks…I bet your happy they have Swisher, huh?


Very happy. But I’ll miss Nady’s bat and the depth he brought to the club.

Nady will be missed. I wish we could clone Swisher.

Oh, I wish we could clone him too, but for reasons that are not baseball related.. LOL….

We probably had the best bench we’ve had in years with Swisher on the bench, and now, Melky, Molina, and Pena (or Ransom if Pena starts) form our bench.

I’m fine with one Swisher. I wouldn’t mind cloning Carl Crawford though and moving him to right.

P.S. Now you could kidnap Nick Markakis!🙂

That’s too bad. Lots of injuries going around so early in the season.


It’s a sign of the Yankees’ depth that we can slip Nick Swisher seamlessly into place w/o sacrificing too much, if any, productivity. Last year this would have crippled the season.
What a shame. Hopefully his stint on the DL is brief.

Babu, the bench is definitely not as strong without Nady. If only I really had kidnapped Markakis. He’d come in mighty handy right now.

A lot of injuries going around, Julia. I wouldn’t want to be a GM and have to figure out how to fill spots.

If he needs surgery, his stint on the DL won’t be brief, Letsgoyankees. We’ll know more tomorrow, but it doesn’t sound good at all.

Sorry to hear about Nady, Jane. That would stink if he is out for the season. Why DO elbows take so long to heal? Hopefully it won’t require surgery.
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Darn he was the cutest Yankee.
Seriously, though, sorry to hear that. I hope it works out!

I guess when you tear a ligament, it’s bad no matter where it is, Sue. My elbow hurts just thinking about it.

He was cute, Melissa. Well, actually he’s still cute! He just won’t be playing!

has anyone noticed how lights out Bruney’s been???

he had 3 K’s on 10 pitches yesterday, and today, he had 2 K’s on 8 pitches!!! lights out and efficient!!

It’s disappointing that the X-Man is done for the year. I guess $5 mil for Abreu probably would have been a good investment. Hopefully Swisher will keep up his early season success. I agree with the above comment…Bruney has been great. Too bad a few of the others in the pen couldn’t follow his lead…

P.S. Congrats on the stranglehold for #1.


Tough break for the Yanks. That video of the lady freaking out is hilarious. A couple of guys at my work were watching it with me one day and we were cracking up!Russ

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH NOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Why did they have to take X-Man away from us?? At least we kept Swisher…

You’re not overreacting at all! When I heard about this I nearly cried. I was looking forward to seeing him when I go to the game on Saturday but it doesn’t look like that will happen. Now I’m sad.

Wow, such reaction about a guy who isn’t even a starter on most teams. Also, did you get that broken glass picture from our patio or something?

Terrible news about Nady. Congratulations on being top of the list–though I think the link they used for your blog is incorrect. You ready for tomorrow’s opener?!


Bruney does seem to have turned it around, Levelboss. But I still hold my breath when he comes in.

If Swisher keeps up his early success, it will certainly take some of the sting out of losing Nady, Scott. I just love the depth we had with both of them. SOB.

The funny thing about that video, Russ, is that she only missed her flight. It wasn’t the worst thing to ever happen and yet she totally freaked out!

Thank God we kept Swisher, Neal. Maybe Cashman is psychic.

Lucky you, going to the game on Saturday, Ellie. But yeah, it’s sad about Nady. There was just something about him….

He was our starting right fielder, Ken! We gave up Abreu for him. You bet I’ll miss him.

Jason, thanks for alerting me to the link problem on the community site. I appreciate it. I’m so ready for tomorrow’s opener. I wish I could be there, but I’ll be watching every second on TV.

Jane, I saw an article in Yahoo! sports that said Nady is going on the DL and will undergo more tests to determine whether or not he’ll need surgery. Apparently, the doctors are trying to see if rest and rehabilitation will be enough to take care of Nady’s injury. So keep your fingers crossed that (a) this report is accurate, and (b) he doesn’t need surgery.

I saw that too, Shelley, and I’m hopeful it means Nady isn’t lost for the season.

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