Yankees Sod….And So Much More

I really enjoyed this article in today’s New York Times in which we learn that the Yankees and Major League Baseball have licensed the precise brand of grass that’s used to blanket the field at Yankee Stadium. It’s being marketed at Home Depot as “Yankees Sod.”

The first thing I did after reading the article was to rush outside and take a good look at my yard. Were there any brown patches on the lawn that needed to be filled with Yankees Sod?
You bet. The reason? We have a lot of these.
I know. They’re adorable. But they have the appetite of CC Sabathia, and their meal of choice is grass.
I decided to call Home Depot and order some Yankees Sod. Maybe the rabbits are Red Sox fans and won’t eat it.
Then it occurred to me that there should be other everyday products licensed by the Yankees and MLB. For instance, I bet they use a really heavy duty cleaning liquid at the Stadium to get the spilled beer off the seats, not to mention the globs of mustard. So how about a product called Mr. Yankee?
Then there are those push brooms used by the grounds crew to smooth the dirt in the infield. Shouldn’t they be sold as Yankee Sweepers and wouldn’t every Yankee fan want one for around the house?
There’s always plenty of pre-recorded music playing at the ballpark. Surely, someone has thought of creating an iYankeetunes store where we can download “New York, New York” and other favorites onto our iPods?
I’ve always coveted the nifty shirts/aprons worn by those who sell peanuts and cotton candy at the Stadium. So why not Yankee Vendorwear?
The possibilities are endless. But what I’d really like to see the Yankees dabble in is a line of home furnishings. How could I resist putting an authentic Yankees Dugout Bench where my living room couch is now?
Oh. It would require a good scrubbing, wouldn’t it. Fortunately, I’d have Mr. Yankee and the Yankee Sweeper to help get the job done.


I never knew those wascilly wabbits had a big attepetite. That’s a great metaphor, I starting a mini-reveiw on your book. When you see the post you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I love those caps they wear too. Why don’t they market those? It could start this huge fad of people wearing baseball caps!
Sometimes I surprise myself with my brilliance.

For the record yes, I am joking.

I’ll look forward to your mini-review, Orangebird. Let me know when it’s up and I’ll be there.

The caps are cool, Letsgoyankees. You never know. The Yankees could market them too.

Maybe they need to sell a line of air fresheners that smell like your at the ball park – you know hot dog/peanuts/beer – would be great for the home parties!


Yes I know – it should be “you’re” and not “your”!


This could make for one great party!
I have to go check out Home Depot and see if they actually have any Yankee sod. If they do I have to buy some for my Dad. It’ll be worth it to see his reaction.

“Yankee Sod”? Now I’ve seen everything! I suppose C.C.’s contract isn’t going to pay for itself, though. Personally, I think I would prefer Twins brand field turf. Never needs mowing, watering, or any other lawn maintenance. It’s perfect for lazy people like me! Of course, it needs a layer of rock-hard concrete underneath to make it truly authentic.-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

The air fresheners are a good idea, Julia. They can come in several “flavors”: hot dog, peanuts, beer, pretzels, even nachos!

Let me know if you do get the sod for your dad, Canuck. I’d love to know how he reacts.

I’m going to pull a She-Fan move, Jane. I’m going to record it with my camera! If i can figure out the movie feature on it…

I thought I’d seen everything when MLB licensed those caskets, Erin. Remember the post I did on that? People can actually be buried in coffins with their team’s logo and colors. But I like the Twins brand field turf – perfect for my living room floor.

Canuck, you should get the little Flip Video camcorder I’ve been using. It’s tiny and works pretty well. Totally point and shoot, which is great for my non-techie brain.

Jane, I should get one of those gizmos….right now I just want my email to work! My cousin sent pics of his newborn…and my email crashed!!!NOOOO!!!!

1-0 USA top of 2nd


Good idea. I would buy any product that the Red Sox use. And I hope the Yankee sod works out!
By the way, I was talking to everyone at the ballpark on Saturday. I even interviewed a Yankee fan.

Oh, I hate when computers go berserk, Canuck! Nooo is right. The score is tied now. Uh-oh.

I bet you had a great time interviewing everybody, Elizabeth. I guess we’re not shy.🙂

Rabbits have screwed up the ecosystem in Finland to the point that they’re letting hunters shoot them and unleashing cats to kill them.
Mr. Clean looks like a bouncer at a gay bar. (Uh, I’ve heard.)
I’ve got an interesting, though rare, posting on my Exiled MLBlogsite: http://paullebowitz.mlblogs.com/

And check out my new site: http://www.paullebowitz.com/

Rabbits that are Red Sox Fans? Never! All rabbits are Yankees fans!

Bugs Bunny

Rabbits are eating everybody’s lawns, but I’d never harm a hair on those hares! They’re much too cute.

And you’re right, Bugs. In fact, I bet all the members of the animal kingdom are Yankee fans.

Great ideas. Merchandising is right up your power alley. I would have thought the Yankees would already have a license on those fine products. Hmmm…guess they decided to raise ticket prices instead.

The Yankees have raised ticket prices AND merchandised grass, Kathy. Now let’s hope they can put a winning team on the field.

Yankee sod? Hmmm…I wonder if my Holland lop bunny would enjoy some Yankee sod as a snack. I wonder if they sell it by the foot, and how much it costs?🙂

You could call Home Depot in NJ and find out, Shelley. Maybe they sell a snack pack. LOL.

love all the cute angles – but what nearly every suburban Yankee fan has is a lawn or love for plants. Yankees Sod offers fan the ability to have the same quality lawn or planter while deepening the connection to their beloved team.
Yankees Sod is green, and what could be more satisfying than to low mow your lawn with the criss cross of Yankees Stadium and then enjoy a catch with your kids or a nice barbeque?
It is not complicated – like so many other products – it is basic – Yankees Sod – the best grass in baseball.

Imagine that Yankee cofin covered with a nice piece of Yankees Sod that the departed loved ones can tend to and care for for years to come. A basic connection to both the person and the team – rabbits or not.

I checked my Home Depot – wow it is nice grass!

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