While I Waited To Go On The Air….

I did a search on YouTube to see if I could find video of Peter Anthony Holder, the host who would soon be interviewing me on his Canadian radio show.

I unearthed a clip from way back in the ’80s when Holder was a TV news reporter, and you’ll never guess what he reported on: that wild and crazy new invention called a cell phone. “Is the cellular phone here to stay or a flash in the pan?” he asks. Hilarious. Have a look. You won’t believe how huge cell phones used to be.


Thank goodness you said something in advance that this was a 1980’s groovy video or I might be wondering how the Jeri curl man got on my screen.
You are taking me to a dark place that I saw once in college of a man dressed like that who was selling bibles door-to-door.

He does seem like he will be an interesting host. I hope he got an advanced copy of the book, or he might be fumbling a bit. I hope not, you deserve a perfect interview.

Rays Renegade


Wow. Where did you dig this up from? That’s funny!

He has to be an interesting host, Renegade. He’s got the job of keeping people awake until 3 in the morning! Am waiting to go on now. Wish me luck.

I was digging around on YouTube, Canuck. Amazing what you can find on there.

I guess this guy is lucky you are on the phone! Can you imagine the she-cam video update you could make?!
Good Luck – You’re on next!

Jane – A Yankee fan being interviewed by a Red Sox fan!
I really like the story about your red jacket at Fenway! That was great. I don’t think he knew what to say next.
You went to a Tarot card reader to predict the season???
Hal’s kinda cute? Really?
Great Interview!!!


I’m going to go to bed now! Night Jane!

You were so great to stay up and listen, Canuck. He told me before we went on the air that he was a Red Sox fan and we had a good laugh about it. And yeah, I went to a tarot reader. (The article is posted on my web site under “Other Writing.”) As for Hal being cute, well, compared to Hank he is. Sleep well!

How the times have changed! We try telling our boys what life was like in the “dark ages” and they shudder at the thought! lol!


You sure that wasn’t Rico Tubbs? Somewhere Sonny Crockett is in danger and needs his help.

Oh Jane I thought the interview was tonight not last night… grrrr…. Are you going to be able to post it online?
Well, after a typical thursday happy hour I went home, checked my mail and saw i had got Rachel Getting Married (it’s good, by the way…) Anywho, I watched it last night and in the previews they had the trailer for a movie that sounds to be promising. It’s called Sugar and it is about Dominican baseball. So, as it is usual for me, I googled it, and I found this http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/dodgerthoughts/2009/03/sugar-a-basebal.html
I’m not going to miss it. It looks like a very good film. In the independent side kind of thing.
hope the interview went well! I feel so bad!

Haha, great video! That’s pretty funny. I hope the interview went well!

Oh, God! Watching that made me remember a teacher I had back in HS who had a phone in his car. And this was the late ’70s! Everyone thought he was so cool.
Jane let us know how the interview went!

OMG, how funny it is to look back at this stuff! I remember “winning” one of those bag phones, as they called them, from a local service provider, of course you then had the one-year contract to pay for. The thing never worked very well. At least I didn’t have to worry about it falling between the seats and getting lost!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

WOW — that was fascinating! And I DID think that you’d found the Canadian Rico Tubbs Too (from Manitoba Vice?)… whenever I watch old movies now, you can tell HOW old they are by the size of the “cell phone”…next time you see “Wall Street,” for example, check out the size of that thing Michael Douglas lugs around. Hope the Canucks love ya like we do — that’s my source of origin too. As a li’l boy, when we had a AAA minor league team in Toronto (the Toronto Maple Leafs BASEBALL team), a LOT of us were Yankee fans — ’cause they were always on NBC’s “Game Of the Week” being broacast from Buffalo!! Long long ago…

The “dark ages” is right, Julia. So funny to see what clip.

Now that you mention it, Jeff, whatever happened to that show? Didn’t they try to revive it about ten years ago?

Latinyankeerebel, I saw “Sugar” at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in late January and wrote a blog post about it. It must have been before you joined the party here at MLBlogs. It’s definitely worth seeing and gives a very realistic picture of what life is like for young Dominican players who come to the States seeking fame and fortune. (I loved “Rachel Getting Married.”)

The interview was fun, Kaybee and Bern. He gave me a half-hour, which is much better than the 7 minutes you usually get on the big AM radio stations.

Sue, you make a good point. At least those clunky phones couldn’t slide out of your pocket at a ballpark, which is what happened to my husband at Camden Yards!

Didn’t know you were from Canada, Dave – a true Canuck, eh?

It’s crazy to look back and see how it was before everyone had cell phones. I remember when pagers were the in thing. lol

~ King of Cali

Pagers. That’s right, King. Forgot about those!

Hey Pal!! ( Sonny Crockett imitation),
you forgot when cellphones weighed 25 pounds and were situated in a carrying case with a 20 pound battery. I had to use one of those for 5 years every night when I was on call. But then I just went home and put an 8-track in the quadraphonic stereo and chilled.

Let me get back into my muscle car 425 hemi Checy Camaro and burn some rubber on the “Streets of San Francisco”…or Hazzard county. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh mis-spent youth ( I still think I do not have a Southern accent).

Rays Renegade


Oh wow i didn’t know that. You are right, I’m a newbie here! LOL.. since february LOL… but anywho, the movie looks good, and if you say its good I’ll go watch it. :o) Hey almost 2 weeks for opening week! :o)

I remember these days. To think, I thought the cell phones would stay that big forever at one time. Now they are so much smaller than I ever could have imagined. To think they are like mini-computers, now.

You do too have a southern accent and it’s very charming, Renegade.

I think you’ll like “Sugar,” Latinyankeerebel. It’s a small indie film with no budget, but it feels like a documentary in showing what the Dominican players go through to come here. And there are some funny parts.🙂

I was surprised when I saw that video, Aaron. I honestly didn’t remember the phones being that big!

A half an hour on the ray-dee-oh! And on CFRB, no less (that was a big station way back in the day)…far out!! Now let’s hope all those dormant Yankee fans North Of The Border are inspired to find your book and go get it!! That was the best thing about movin’ south to Noo Yawk, USA, by the way…I was already a Yankee fan! Hey Renegade, all that talk about giant phones reminds me of the first videocameras, the ones that recorded directly onto a VCR tape…used to borrow my neighbor’s…now THAT was BIG!!

I remember those videocameras! They were heavy too!

Dave and Canuck – I remember those videocameras too. And how about the VCRs. Even they were huge back in the day.

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