Book Party/Beer Tasting/Great Time

What a turnout! What a blast! So many people came to my book signing to talk about baseball – fans of all shapes, ages and team allegiances – and Hollister Brewing Company treated everyone to delicious food, as well as their special microbrews.

The festivities kicked off with an appearance by actor Tab Hunter, who starred in the 1958 movie musical “Damn Yankees” and is, therefore, a Yankee by proxy.
Tab told the crowd that a remake is in the works starring Jake Gyllenhaal as the Yankee and Jim Carrey as the Devil. He was so nice to take the time to hang out with me for a little while and get his copy of the book signed.
Tab Hunter and Jane #3A8BB2.jpg
(Hard to believe he’s nearly 80 years old, right? He’s still gorgeous. My party outfit, by the way, was a Cooperstown replica shirt with the number 23 on the back – my “dress up” Yankees jersey commemorating Donnie Baseball.)
Other local luminaries included legendary jazz composer/saxophonist Charles Lloyd (if you haven’t listened to his latest CD, “Rabo de Nube,” you should) and Gayle Lynds, bestselling author of Ludlum-type espionage thrillers.
Also on hand was Bill Pintard, head coach of the Independent League Champion Santa Barbara Foresters. Bill was a scout in the Yankees organization for years but now scouts for the Angels.
He told me he’d just come back from Cuba, where the Foresters played the Cuban National Team. I said, “Oh, I’d love to go to Cuba. Any chance I could tag along the next time the Foresters travel there?” He said, “Sure. Might be a good book in that.” No “might” about it. I’m so there.
A few people made short speeches, including me, and people listened politely (i.e. nobody threw the book at me).
And then the signing and beer tasting got underway.
I signed for a Phillies fan who was basking in the glow of the ’08 World Series.
I signed for an Indians fan and his wife who bought copies of the book to send to family members in Cleveland.
I signed for a group of she-fans who brought friends and stayed until the bitter end.
I signed for my web master, the Red Sox fan, who drove over two hours with her boyfriend to show her support.
(Here I am swiping her cap and then experiencing a sharp pain in my brain. We decided it’s impossible to be a Yankee fan and a Red Sox fan simultaneously.)
And I signed for lots of Yankee fans who had wonderful stories to share. One of them came to buy a book for a friend in need.
“He lost his house in the wildfire,” the man explained, referring to the Tea Fire, which destroyed over 200 homes in November. “Worst of all, he lost all his Yankees memorabilia. I thought your book might cheer him up.”
That was the best moment of the party by far – the idea that my book would help a fire victim to start a new Yankees collection. A small thing, maybe. But it didn’t feel that way.


a Yankees shirt with a Red Sox cap?????!!!!
isn’t that like mixing matter and anti-matter together? or is that like oil and water?

I could see that happening wearing a Red Sox cap, although a Yankees cap might compel ‘Darth Vader like’ vainty, while a Blue Jay cap may usher in an era of peace and enlightenment. Okay, maybe now I’m the one being vain.

levelboss is right, that picture is making my brain bleed. That is just not right.
Your book party sounds like it was a blast, though. I wish I could’ve been there, it looks like so much fun. Plus it’s about 11 degrees here in Minny. And you got Tab Hunter to show up! Hey, if Hunter is a Yankee by proxy because he was in “Damn Yankees”, I guess Gary Cooper must be one too!

Wow, I wish I could have been there. Congratulations on what was obviously a very successful day for you!


Congrats! It looks like it was fun! Bummer I wasn’t there…

I must imagine that by now you’re sleeping off the drowziness caused by wearing a bo-bo-boston cap (see I can’t even type it!).. I’ve heard that secondary effects of wearing that cap for long periods of time kind cause blindness, so be careful!

oh buggers! I meant can instead of kind… see? even sseeing that picture has started to affect my brain! LOL

For me that sharp pain would be putting on the Yankees cap. It’s amazing what a book can do.

Another Indians fan that likes your book! haha Very nice picture with the Red Sox hat. I loved the story at the end with the firs victim; that was very sweet of that guy to get something for his friend in need.

Hey Jane – did the beer company put out a special brew in your honor? Congrats on the crowds.


It’s probably like oil and water, Levelboss, but we had a good laugh about it.

Maybe we should all wear Blue Jays caps, Jeremy. Then there would be peace in the world (of baseball, at least)!

Erin, we had an unseasonably warm day here and I didn’t expect it, so I was roasting in that turtleneck. But I’m not complaining. Your Minny temps scare me.🙂

A lot of fun, Bern. People were in a very celebratory mood.

We had some laughs with the jersey/cap combo, Latinyankeerebel. Just going with the flow.

Orangebird, switching caps can be hazardous – but amusing. Honest.

I was very touched by that man, Melissa. He told me the story of his friend, the Yankee fan, losing everything in the fire. So sad, but also inspiring how people here are coping.

They didn’t create a special brew, Julia. The brewmeister didn’t want to tamper with his recipes, I guess. So they had a “She-Fan Beer Tasting,” and gave out shot glasses of several of their new concoctions. I’m not much of a beer drinker, as I’ve said, but people seemed to like whatever it was they were consuming!

Your book definitely would cheer a Yankee fan up! It’s terrible that he lost all of his memorabilia. I really want to get my copy signed! I wonder if the remake of “Damn Yankees” will be good.

Sorry my Reds had to beat you today Jane…better luck next time!


Not sure how good the remake of “Damn Yankees” will be, Elizabeth. Jim Carrey is funny and Jake Gyllenhaal is a good actor, but can they sing? It’s supposed to be a musical!

Your Reds didn’t just beat the Yankees, Cob. They clobbered us. Talk about a pitchers duel – not!

I wish I could have been there! Wow, I never thought I’d see anyone, anywhere, with Yankees and Red Sox stuff on at the same time. It looks like the party was a sucess, which is always good!

You signed for a Philly fan…. (jk)

I figured that pic was good for a laugh. And the party was great, Alex. Wish you’d been there.

Well, Gomets, he showed up. What could I do? Where were the Mets fans?

That last picture is amazing. I’m sure that I’d have the same reaction wearing anything Cubs! Hahaha! Glad it went well!

Hey Jane! Congratulations on the new book…I can’t imagine what that feels like. Continued success and enjoy the rest of Spring as well as all of the ’09 season! Hope to see you in the playoffs. : )

Prose and Ivy

Wow….the Sox cap looks painful. Did you have an out of bidy experience while wearing it?


It was a good time, Jen. Back to reality today with the Yankees getting blown out by the Reds.

Having a new book out is scary and wonderful simultaneously, Ryan. There’s a sense of relief (I did it – yay!), then dread (will anyone buy it?). But yesterday was all about fun. I’ll be following your blog as we move along. And let’s hope both our teams have a great season!

Not out of body, Jenn, but funny!

Wow, that last picture made me crack up.
Looks like fun! Come to Texas… we have nice weather!
Kylie —

To answer your previous question of ‘where were all the Mets fans?’…..still hiding our faces hoping that 2009 would be a little nicer to us than the past two years. Don’t worry, we’re hoping to rejoin the baseball social network with a less embarrassing 09!

I’d love to come to Texas, Kylie. I haven’t been there since I did signings for my novel “Female Intelligence” years ago. I was in Dallas and Houston.

Hey, Erin. Glad you’re here! I have no doubt whatsoever that the Mets will be in the hunt till the end this year. You guys totally solidified your pen, which was huge.

Hey, Jane …

Looks like you had a lot of fun at your book party !!! … Also, great pictures … The picture of you wearing the Red Sox cap is kind of interesting … Like you said, it’s impossible to be both a Yankees and Red Sox fan at the same time !!! … Very touching story at the end of your post about the person who bought a book for his friend who lost his house in the wildfires !!! … Best wishes for many successul book signings on your book tour !!! … Take care, Jane !!!
— Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

Glad you liked the pix, Jimmy. I’ll tell my husband, since he was the photographer. It was a fun afternoon and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.

So did you use the speech I wrote for you on facebook? I knew it would go over well!!!
Rosh Koch //

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