And The Yankees Starter For Spring Training Game One Is….

…this guy.

Who is also this guy.
And this one.
This one.
This one.
And, most recently, this one.
Yes, it’s the well-traveled Brett Tomko, who found his way to the Yankees via a minor-league contract.
Will he have success against the Toronto Blue Jays tomorrow, mowing the hitters down like a clone of Roy Halladay (well, there’s a slight resemblance)? Or will he reveal his propensity to give up home runs – a quirk that earned him the nickname “Bombko” when he was with the Dodgers? To put it in other terms, will he be any good or will he be LaTroy Hawkins?
We will know in a matter of hours. One thing is for sure, however: After the game he will head home to his playmate – literally. He’s married to Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for February 1998….the lovely and talented Julia Schultz.
O.K., so she’s no Marilyn Monroe to his Joe DiMaggio. But I applaud her loyalty. How would you like to move to a different city every six seconds with a guy named Bombko?


There is a joke it there Jane – but I’ll pass on it! The Red Sox have split squad games today with the 7pm game being televised on NESN. It will be good to see them again!


It’s interesting to notice how few playmates—-who were looking to turn their pictorials into movie/TV careers or whatever—-have actually done it. There’s Pam Anderson and…and…and…maybe Shannon Tweed in a show here and there, but that’s it. Most of them have married famous people or wind up dating people like Corey Haim and Fred Durst. To put it gently, Tomko’s better at getting hot chicks than he is at pitching. He’s Triple A filler.

That bunny looks like a female version of Tomko… in other words, no thanks. And how’d you leave out the circa 2003 with the Redbirds Tomko pic? Blasphemy!

You’re so lucky your game is on TV, Julia!

Shannon Tweed. Now there’s a flash from the past, Paul. Wasn’t she married to Gene Simmons? Or maybe she still is. Whatever turns people on, I guess.

I was planning to post a pic of Tomko as a Redbird, Jeff, but I couldn’t find a good one of him in a Cardinals uniform. I kept looking and eventually said, “Why am I doing this?” So I went to bed instead. I hope you’ll forgive me.

I’m not a Tomko fan. He talked smack about my AJ when they were teammates in San Francisco, questioning his work ethic basically. Seriously? Not many people work as hard as AJ…at least not many that I see on a regular basis.

Well, now I know a little more about Tomko than I did before, Jen. He was a blank slate to me before I read that he had played for so many teams.

Hi, Jane …

I don’t know if there will be any room for Brett Tomko on the Yankees pitching staff … But, who knows? This is part of the reason for spring training, and as we have learned all too well, no team can ever have enough pitching !!! … So, “let the games begin” !!! “Congratulations”, again, Jane, on ranking #1 on the latest “Leader’s List” !!! ……. Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L” …

Tomko was pretty decent for us when he was in San Diego. But…it didn’t entirely work out. Maybe he’ll have some better success with the Yankees!

I think they’re looking at him for long relief, Jimmy. And judging by today’s scoreless performance against the Jays, maybe he’ll land a spot on the roster. As you say, we can never have enough pitching!

“Pretty decent” isn’t a ringing endorsement, Kaybee.šŸ™‚ But sometimes a team just needs a guy to eat innings and keep the game from getting out of reach. The Yankees didn’t have a long reliever last year, so maybe Tomko will fill that role.

Yeah well… I was naked in the same room as Mrs. Aaron Boone, Miss October 1998, Laura Cover. Just sayin’.

I mean, we were both born in 1977 at Bucyrus General Hospital in Bucyrus, Ohio. I was a preemie, so I was in the hospital for a month, during which time she was born. I have no proof we were actually naked at the same time, but I’m sticking to my story.

And now her husband is an Astro. Coincidence? I think not — she obviously asked him to sign on with the Astros so she could be closer to me… in spirit, if not in physical location.

Well I don’t want to feel too bad for the guy…

“The Many Incarnations of Brett Tomko” … a made-for-TV movie starring his wife?


Wait, 1998 was 11 years ago! Does she still look like that, or are things getting a little droopy by now?
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

That’s quite a story, roundrock! Talk about six degrees of separation. I’m sure that’s why Aaron is an Astro. How could it not be?

Nope. Don’t feel bad for him, Tom.

She’s probably been in a few TV movies, Tom. I think this one is perfect for Lifetime. Or the SciFi Channel.šŸ™‚

I didn’t see a date on the photo, Sue. But there may have been some “work” done.

I was wondering where Tomko ended up. It sounds like he was pretty effective against the Blue Jays, too. At least you guys have Bombko to fall back on if Burnett’s arm falls off. Or C.C.’s, for that matter.

Tomko or Bombko as you put it plays for the “Bomb”ers so he will do just fine. He gives up 3, his team scores 4.


You can never have enough pitching, Erin, as long as he doesn’t give up too many bombkos.

That’s looking on the bright side, Aaron. With enough offense, everybody’s a good pitcher!

I wonder what she would look like if she weren’t air brushed.

Photo Shop is a beautiful thing, Rob.

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