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No, that’s not a dumpster at a ballpark. It’s a townhouse in Ogden, Utah, where a guy lived for eight years and drank a whole lot of beer.
According to my high school buddy Dave, who sent the pix along, the landlord thought the tenant was the best renter ever because he never called to complain. I guess he was too busy drinking.
Supposedly, the landlord found 70,000 cans of Coors Light in the place after the guy vacated.  How many baseball seasons would it take for you to drink that many beers?
As an aside, how bad is the beer at ball games? Does anyone actually enjoy it? Or is it just the beverage of habit? I’m a bottled water fan, so I’m hardly one to judge. But for anyone old enough to drink, be honest. Is the stuff any good? It sure doesn’t smell like it.


Unbelieveable. I wonder how big this guy’s beer gut is… He could probably compete against the guy who has eaten a Big Mac every day since 1972 (or thereabouts).

I will admit to enjoying my Coors Light at the ballgame. I guess it is an aquired taste. What I don’t enjoy is the price.


Speaking of bottled water, of which I am a fan, to save money, I buy one bottle from the vendor and then keep refilling the tap with some flavor packets of the favorite flavor of the day. Boy, do I save money!


It’s hard to beat a cold beer at the ballpark. Yes, you can have fun without beer; yes many people do not drink for various reasons and should not feel like they’re being cheated out of some grand visceral experience. But if you do partake, and you find yourself at Busch Stadium watching the Cardinals, I highly suggest a draft Budweiser (or Schlafly…gaining in local popularity after the sale of A-B). And I’m pretty sure you can get your rear end stomped for refusing an Old Style at Wrigley Field, but don’t quote me on that.


Not a beer drinking so I can’t help!


Interesting pictures…I wonder what his bathroom looked like?

I rarely drink beer at the yard-have to be on top of my game, you know. Can’t take the chance…couple/three beers and the baseball comes right to me. I misplay it because I’m too schnockered up to catch the damn thing. Now, after the game-that’s another story.

Well, thank God it was light beer! Do they not have recycling where this guy lives?
As for ballpark beer, it depends. I will admit I’m a bit of a beer snob, so I don’t really like the basic Bud and Bud Light that’s usually available from the vendors. But if you’re willing to get up, a lot of ballparks have a concession stand or two that sell “premium” beers (unfortunately at premium prices) or a local microbrew.
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Don’t ask me I’m just a kid.


Congratulations on being number 1 again on the latest leaders!

Thanks Jane for your continued patience with our commenting/login problems. Six Apart is supposedly working on this. I will update everyone on the community blog as soon as I hear anything. As Jen noted on her Red Sox Faithful blog, that hangup problem with the login screen is persistent for me personally and as you listed, eventually several back/reloads/forwards/etc somehow makes it login. Jane, congrats again for No. 1 fan blog showing in Latest Leaders.


The can collectors must be converging on the place and warring for dibs.
Ah, the “Latest Leaders”; an interesting question to ask is where my over 600 page views for the week would land if there wasn’t a specific effort to eliminate me from the rankings by dictatorial edict. I’d say at least in the top five.

Jane- I could write the most beautiful eloquent poem to beer at the ballpark but I won’t. No you don’t have to drink to enjoy the game and on really hot summer days give me an ice cold lemonade over anything. But with that said a frothy Coors original or Light if the mood strikes me is sometimes the perfect medicine. The $8 per beer hurts my heart deeply but the beer itself can make the hurt all better. This guy who left all the beer cans should be getting an endorsement from Coors and the landlord should recycle the cans to see how much he can get! These are how legends of the internet are made.

Hey Jane,

Thanks for commenting on the YES blog. Phil Coke will be in the bullpen and I share your enthusiasm over him. Keep up the great work on your end. That photo of those beer cans is money.


Congrats on #1 Jane. Looks like the Red Sox & Yankees will be battling all season!


I’ve been meaning to do the nine beers and nine dogs in nine innings thing, but I’m afraid I might die. Or max out my credit cards. I don’t know which is worse.

Wow. That is a lot of beer. I can not imagine that beer tastes good enough to drink that much of it. Imagine the beer belly that guy must have had!
P.S. My review of Confessions is up btw, if you want to read it!

The beer is certainly nothing great, but it’s the expense that bothers me. So I try to drink as much as I can before the game. It’s a great way to save money!

Jen, you make a good point about the guy’s gut. It must be HUGE. Glad my friend didn’t send a picture of him!

Good tip about refilling the water bottle, Aaron. But the tap water in New York? We could be talking about big-time kooties. (sp?)

Chris, I’d drink a beer at Busch Stadium, because I bet it’s good beer. I’d love to visit that ballpark, btw. Never been there.

You can’t get distracted by beer, Happy. You have work to do at the games, although if you did partake, you could be called the Very Happy Youngster.🙂

Sue, somebody should have put this guy in the recycling bin!

LOL, Bob.

Thanks for being the bearer of good news, Babu!

I’m sure the techies at MLB are working out the kinks, Mark. Thanks for the leaders list info. I must tell my mother to stop visiting my blog and scamming the system.

I’m sure you would be #1, Paul. Return, prodigal son.

Your description of that frothy beer on a hot summer day actually made me want to have one, Tom. Maybe a poem is in order!

Hey, Jon. I really like your new blog. (At least it’s new to me.) I hope Coke turns out to be a good arm for us. Not so sure about Marte, so another lefty would be nice.

Looks like it, Julia!

I like the lemonade at the ballparks🙂 lol. That takes a lot of baseball season– even if one is really stressful. I’m trying to think of the one team that would make him drink that much. Maybe the Mets in September? The Yankees in October (A-Rod at the plate)? Dice-K pitching for the Red Sox? The Red Sox in October? So many more…


The man in that apartment is a god. He’s almost as great as the guy whose car was caught in an avalanche, and who drank a case of beer so he could piss his way out by melting the snow around the door. These men should have special days for them celebrated at Yankee Stadium. I wish I had that kind of strength. I just don’t. el duque

Elizabeth, there have been many times when I wanted to drink myself into a stupor while I was watching baseball, but never that much! Your suggestions are good ones though. Definitely drink-worthy.

Did you make that story up, duque? It sounds like you. Well, not the guy himself. Just his method of snow removal.

I’m pretty sure that was my apartment. Who gave you the keys? Was it Mei Hua?

You don’t drink Coors Light, Jeff. You strike me as a microbrew man. Great video. Click on the link, people!

Ah, the joys of CL. Let me count them.
#1 You are technically beer.
#2 You are inexpensive, relatively speaking.
#3 Nope, can’t think of it.

This would be a great recycling contribution to one of the charities that participates in such things. It would be considered philanthropy at that point.
Rosh //

I know a few homeless guys who would make a fortune taking that to the recycling plant for money.

I do not even think I have drank that much in my life, even after being in a Fraternity in college. “7,000 cans of beer on a wall………………” The song would go on for years.

Jane, I actually have only drank mostly Coors and Coors Light my entire life. I will not ever drink a Budweiser. The rice messes you up beyond repair too fast. I do not drink beer at the stadium. For the same price as a 24 ounce in the stadium, I can have more than 3 beers next store at Ferg’s bar.

Beer and baseball…………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Rays Renegade

I agree about the recycling, Rosh. The landlord should have donated to a nonprofit in the area. Well, for all I know, he did.

Ah, yes, Renegade. College beer drinking. How did we survive it? But now I couldn’t tell the difference between a Bud and a Coors.

Melissa, I will go check out your review right now!

Russell, that’s one way to save: drink and then go to the game!

I drink Dasani at the games, and aside from being the nastiest bottled water ever, it’s hella expensive. Beer is also hella expensive. Thank God for $7 seats.
Kylie —

I can’t stand the taste of Dasani water, Kylie. It’s gross! I always look for any other brand. And yeah, thank God for the cheap seats.

That’s $3,500 dollars and 3 days at the bottle and can return.

No small change, Bob. I wonder why the landlord didn’t collect the money after the guy left.

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