She-Fan Headed For First Stint On Blogger DL!

Wouldn’t you know it? I came into spring training feeling great – in my best shape yet – and was totally ready for the press conferences, the workouts, the obligatory team meetings, everything that accompanies being a Yankee fan. I was even geared up for the WBC, having signed up for MLB.TV Premium and convinced myself that the whole affair wasn’t just a silly exhibition.

But then it happened.
I experienced a sharp, searing pain in my lower left molar.
I’m talking about this kind of torture.
I whined to my husband Michael, who suggested various home remedies.
Ultimately, I had no choice but to submit to an examination by an actual dentist – something I dread almost as much as facing Roy Halladay.
The diagnosis? A cracked tooth and…”pulp death.”
“You need a root canal,” said the dentist, who launched into a description of the procedure.
I demanded a second opinion. “I’m flying to Birmingham, Alabama,” I said defiantly. “Dr. James Andrews will know if I need surgery or not.”
The dentist laughed and said I could get a second opinion if I really wanted one but that my toothache would only worsen as the day went on.
“Fine,” I said. “Schedule it. But I’m not missing significant time with my team.”
“Never mind.”
So I’m set for tomorrow – 1 p.m. Pacific Time – and I’d better not miss anything big while I’m in the chair utterly helpless like this guy.
No steroids revelations. No Manny signing. No anything until I’m back on my feet.
And that could take awhile. I assume I’ll be out of it in the car going home.
And then I’ll probably sleep off the Vicodin for a few hours.
But as soon as I come to, I’ll be at the computer, I swear. This game is about playing the right way, no excuses or shortcuts, even if it means blogging hurt.


Haha. That pretty much sums it all up. I was the recent recipient of two root canals at the same time. The good dentist was kind enough to give me no follow up pain medication. Apparently being a 6’3″, 300+ pound ex pro wrestler makes me some sort of tough guy. I get no sympathy ever.

In regards to your comment, I don’t get it either. She must be one heck of a nice person. Even A-Rod’s ex-teammates aren’t so kind to him as it sounds they are. Is that what holds you back from executing your article?

Get well soon. We need you on our team to carry us to the World Series!

– Rosh

Two root canals at the same time? OUCH, Rosh. Well, maybe I’m being a baby and I won’t even need pain med. We’ll see. As for Selena, I’m still getting opinions from people about her. And I want to see what’s in the book. Btw, over on River Ave Blues they’ve got an interesting take on what they perceive to be the media’s double standard for Pettitte and A-Rod. Check it out.

Thanks for the tip to that one. I agree with the double standard. It’s more of the “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality. Alex Rodriguez bleeds. Apparently Andy Pettitte does not.

Yeah, two root canals. They were no fun. But it was better than the pain of two teeth that had broken off. My life sucked for a few weeks dealing with all of that. Unfortunately my dentist started rooting around in my mouth and making other wonderful declarations. I wish I had dental insurance instead of the $1500 left in dental bills and three wisdom teeth that need to be extracted. I am accepting donations though if you know anyone who is sympathetic to the dental concerns of journalism students.

Good luck at the dentist Jane! I hope that all goes well. At least you’ll have it done before your trip to FL.

As for Pettitte vs A-Rod: Pettittee is more likable and sincere. That will carry you a long way.


Ouch! Good luck, Jane. Ask for extra novacaine.

Steve T.

Whoa-good luck.
I think you should have a little bell nearby. That way, if you need anything you can just ring the bell (don’t tell your husband I tipped you: guys need to stick together, you know).

Make sure you get the good “stuff” while you’re in there and make sure your dentist writes plenty of subscription refills. Can’t wait to see what kind of posts come out of your delirium😉

Good Luck Jane. Heal up quickly.

Red Sox Ramblings:

Let us know how it goes. I might be getting one myself if I can’t find a good dentist in San Diego before the end of May when I go back to Chicago for a few weeks. 😦

Good luck! I hope it goes well and you don’t miss too much! We will all miss you I am sure!

Next time lay off the Big League Chew.

I’m glad it’ll be done before FL, Julia. Right you are.

Will definitely ask for the full cocktail of numbing agents, Steve.

A bell, Happy. What a great idea. I’ll ring for service. LOL.

Now there’s a good thought, Jeff. I’ll write a post while I’m still under the purple haze.

Thanks, Greg and Melissa. I only anticipate being on the DL for, like, a few hours. But still, I don’t want to miss anything crucial in the world of baseball.

I’ll let you know how it is, Jen. Maybe it won’t be so bad. On the other hand….

LOL, Metsmainman!!!!!!!


One thing I know is that you will be teaching A-Rod a lesson. There are no shortcuts to fame. It takes hard work and dedication whether as a writer like yourself or as a baseball megastar like Alex.


I don’t think I’m in a position to teach anyone a lesson, Aaron, but I do agree with you: There are no shortcuts to fame. All I can say is that writing books can be drudgery – you sit in a room alone with your computer and have to pull words out of the air – but it’s satisfying too. It takes discipline….and luck.


Hate to be a downer, but they say in blogging, the teeth are the first to go.

el duque

I really appreciate the theatricality of your writing. Keep up the good work and get well soon!

And they’re going, duque. One at a time. Pretty soon I’ll be a toothless wonder.

Theatricality. Hmm. I like the sound of that, Matt. Or are you saying I’m a drama queen? LOL. Thanks for the kind words.

Don’t worry Manny won’t be signing any time soon. After reading this my tooth started to hurt. I’m not kidding. Check me out some time.


I’ve been on the blogger DL many times myself, it kind sums up the Jays past 3 seasons ZING! OUCH! I hope the root is canal is not as bad as facing Halladay. I can see how that could be pretty bad.

I’ve never had a root canal, but I’ve heard they’re really nasty. Good luck, and I hope it’s not too painful. Just ask for lots of Vicodin. And Vodka. Vodka makes everything better.

Psssssssssssssst! If you want to rebound quicker to get back on the team, I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who read an article about HGH on wikipedia. He claims you can heal quicker, ya know, like Wolverine. Just sayin’….


Hope all went well with your root canal…I have to admit, it’s quite a sensation when you get out of the doctor’s office… You should login immediately and just type away…

– yankee rebel

Jane, i’ll try to track down Arods cousin for you so you can get something a little stronger for that pain. I’ll see what the hottest stuff on the street in Dominica is. No worries.

I will call Manny and tell him to wait for you…..

They haven’t implemented drug testing for bloggers, so I say get the good stuff. Just don’t submit to any “confidential” drug testing!
Feel better soon!


You were right, Bob. No Manny signing while I was sitting in The Chair today. Did your tooth really start hurting?

It was worse than facing Halladay, Jeremy. At least with Doc, you hope he’ll get tired in the late innings. Not so with my dentist. She never let up.

Vodka, Erin? I was thinking I’d just start swigging from the bottle of wine I have here.

Rosh, Tom and Kathy, are you suggesting I do ‘roids? How could I allow my career to be tainted? I want to be known as someone who blogs the right way.

Here I am, Yankeerebel – straight from the dentist’s office. How’s that for blogging hurt?

Gomets, it looks like Manny didn’t make any noise today and I didn’t miss a thing.

Well, I tried to become your “friend” on FB, but only managed to become your “fan”. Don’t worry though, I’m not the Gil Renard type😉

Red Sox Ramblings:

They wouldn’t let you be my friend? That’s so wrong, Greg! I have a regular old page, so you just need to go on that one.

Yeah, I think my tooth is fractured as well–it hurts when anything hot, cold, or rough hits it and hurts for a while. Probably I should go to the dentist…
Finished The Book. I LOVED IT. I LOVE YOU! I laughed, cried… loved it. Your emotions at the end of the season exactly mirrored those I experienced after the last 2007 World Series game… I laid in bed and cried for like three hours.
Kylie —

If your tooth hurts with hot and cold, you’re looking at a trip to the dentist for sure, Kylie. But on to a more pleasant subject. I’m really excited that you loved the book! I figured you’d relate to that meltdown scene. I didn’t exaggerate. I was a basket case. I know some people think it’s crazy to care so much, but we know differently.

Hey, Jane …

I have been busy and have not been able to comment as much as I would like to ….. So, I’m just trying to catch-up a bit, traveling around the mlblogosphere to offer comments on as many blogs and posts as possible … First, “Congratulations” on your #1 ranking on the latest “Leader’s List” [once again] !!! … Way to go !!! … Also, I hope you have fully recovered from your root canal work !!! … Live Baseball games start today, so that has to make all of us feel okay … Take care, Jane !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

Hey, Jimmy. I’ve missed you! Hope all is well in your world. This blogging does take up a lot of time and energy, so I understand the “work” involved in trying to catch up. My tooth is feeling fine now, thanks. As for the ranking, I’m just glad to be able to entertain those who stop by.

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