Nothing Says “I Love You” Like This….

(Thanks to “It Is High” for leading the way.)


OMG! That was too funny! Thank you Jane! I hope you and your husband have a great Valentine’s Day!


I enjoyed watching the video! Thank you for posting. Have a happy valentine’s day!

Hahahahaha that was wonderful! Yay body wash!

That is a riot! I had to watch it twice! Love the animation! Happy “love” day to all of us women!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Glad you all enjoyed it. I had fun making it! Happy V Day.

That was classic. Oh, he forgot to tell you that you are now the No. 1 fan MLBlogger in the Latest Leaders and the first fan blogger ever to crack the top 10 overall in the MLBlogs Network. Congratulations and everyone buy Jane’s new book at:

See the Latest Leaders at:

Talk about a Valentine’s Day present! Thanks for the news, Mark, and for all your support for the book, which has been considerable.

I loved the video, Jane! And happy (belated?) Valentines Day to you! And your husband, too. I hope you guys had a good one!

We did, Erin. Thanks!

LOL nice video Jane, and yay for body wash!!

That is so cool! Best Valentine’s Gift ever. Thank you!

Congrats Jane! Your book got you #1!


I had fun doing it, Kathy. Hope your evening was fun too.

Lol, that was cool. Tell “A-Rod” I said thanks for the body wash, lolz.🙂
– V [ ]

I’ll tell him, V. He should be calling any minute for advice on his press conference on Tuesday.

Hey, what an honor to know I am going to meet a trend setter at the book signing. Awesome job of getting both a top 10 overall hit and Numero Uno Fan ranking this week.

If the book is selling even half as well as your popularity online you will be on the New York Times best seller list soon. You know they forget the little people sometimes until the big wigs get their press spots.

Have to say you have made it more difficult for the rest of us to even keep in this race. The blogs have been funny and awesome lately. I know with the season coming quickly, you may have a few great tricks up your sleeve. I think a pic of you at George Steinbrenner Field near the dugout should be your Spring Training pic on your profile.

Sitting in awe of the great job you have done in the last few months of promoting and producing some true masterpieces both on her and in print. I take my cap off to you.

Rays Renegade

A trend setter. LOL, Renegade. I certainly don’t think of myself that way. You’re the one who writes such great, in-depth posts about your team. I wish I had half your knowledge. As for Steinbrenner Field, my husband will be bringing his camera so I’m hoping for some great pix – and looking forward to having him take one of you and me!

Best Valentine I’ve ever received!

Aw, shucks, Bern.

Jane, that is so cool! Thanks for mentioning me in it, that was very cool!

My pleasure!

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