“Like Sands Through the Hour Glass…..Starring Jason Varitek”

Even this Yankee fan is on the edge of her seat. Will Varitek sign with the Red Sox by the time I wake up in the morning here on the West Coast? Will Josh Beckett, Jon Lester and Dice K have their trusty catcher to catch to? Will Red Sox fans like Julia and Elizabeth get their guy back?
According to MLB.com, there’s a chance Varitek would actually sit out the season rather than take less than he feels he’s worth. I can’t picture it, but stranger things have happened in baseball….and on soap operas.
Here, then, are some scenes that provide a glimpse of how a Red Sox-Varitek love affair might conclude.
Take 1: The Worst Case Scenario.

Take 2: Scott Boras The Devil Intervenes.

Take 3: Together Forever…Again.

How’s this for trivia. Before becoming an actor, Drake Hogestyn (above) played minor league baseball for the Yankees. He turned to soaps when he couldn’t make it to the bigs. Our loss? Their loss? Toss-up.


We have less then 3 hours (it is just after 5:30am local time) to go. I don’t think any of us thought we would be counting down these final hours. If the Captain doesn’t resign – I think he will lose a lot of respect among the fans. But we will know that unlike John & Marlena, our bosses didn’t fire Jason. The blame will rest with both Boras & sadly, Jason himself.


As Yankees fans, we are certainly pulling for the Sox to sign Varitek. We love having an easy out at the bottom of the lineup. It’s almost like a NL lineup with the pitcher batting.

This is all a lot like a soap opera. I hope he signs just for the sanity and happiness of all my Red Sox fan friends!

I never thought I’d find a soap more nonsensical than the Bold and the Beautiful, but I did—when my fiancee started watching Days of our Lives. There’s the guy with the eye patch; the British race car driver; the brothers fighting over the same woman yet marrying other women; the annoying, whiny teenage son of Sammy; the incurably ill ne’er do well who was miraculously cured; Billy Warlock, erstwhile star of Baywatch who quit just as the show hit it big in true David Caruso fashion and wound up on an afternoon soap instead of on CSI…and it’s amazing that the Yankees-Red Sox stuff competes with this in terms of absurdity, but it does!!!

This is such an interesting situation. I really wonder if Tek will sign in time. The Sox do have Bardo…but I think they really need Tek. I guess we’ll just have to see…

Like they say, “once a Yankee, always a Yankee” which includes too much drama and poor acting skills (see A-Rod for more info)… probably better that Hogestyn got out of baseball though. On Varitek… I gotta admit my boredom with this story. He’s no Manny… so if he were smart he’d have taken the still hefty offer and been done with it by now.

Boras is a mad-man. I don’t get why so many athletes sign with him. And ok, I have not watched “Days” in like 10 years…is the John & Marlena seriously STILL going on? Aren’t they both in an old-people home yet? :O) Ha!!


I honestly didn’t think I’d wake up and find this situation unresolved, Julia. But I guess it’s going right down to the wire (or to the commercial break, as it were).

I hear you, maxguys. What would the rivalry be without Varitek?

Melissa, I’m not sure they’ll be heartbroken at this point. I’d be kind of sick of the whole thing.

Paul, you actually think it’s nonsensical to come back from the dead 100 times, be taken over by the devil and have a computer chip implanted in your brain? Makes perfect sense to me!

Kaybee, I’m not sure they really need Varitek. I’m sure Theo Epstein has a backup plan if he doesn’t sign.

Varitek is no Manny, Jeff. If Pettitte could hold his nose and take $5 million, then so can he. Ridiculous.

Jenn, John and Marlena FINALLY left the show last week after a zillion years. The show wanted them to take a pay cut (sound familiar?) and they refused. So they got canned. That last clip was the promo for their farewell. Of course, they could be brought back in a few years as clones or something.

I agree with Jeff. This is a boring story.
The Days theme brought back memories, lol! I remember my mom watching that soap when I was really little.

Bern, what else do we have to write about? Manny’s soap opera doesn’t have the same “pathos,” so we’re stuck with this one.

True, Jane. (Manny’s getting what he deserves. Good for him!)


The Barnes & Noble in Syracuse, NY, does not have your book on its shelf. (It only has one shelf.) Get on it! el duque

Thanks for the mention, and I’m absolutely ECSTATIC to tell you that Jason Varitek is returning!! Let the rivalry continue!!

Hmmm Who’s book should I get yours or Torre’s? hmmmm I think I will just have to get both! =) Keep up the good blogging.

~King of Cali

I’m not surprised, duque. The official pub date isn’t until next week, Feb 3. But even then, it might be a special order at your Barnes & Noble. B&N seems to think the book is a “regional buy.” I’m going to prove them wrong.

Congratulations, Elizabeth. I couldn’t imagine it going any other way.

I like the idea of both books, King. Thanks for stopping by!

Well, now Tek and Andy Pettitte can cry together about how tough life will be trying to get by on $5 mil. Maybe they can eat lunch together at McDonald’s when Tek comes to town…


LOL, Fid. Our national nightmare is over. Both men will be able to eat!

I guess Tek ended up signing a one-year dzzzzzzzzz…… Seriously, this has to be the least interesting plotline of the whole Hot Stove Soap Opera this season. Jason Varitek and the Red Sox are like Heidi and Spencer from the Hills: nobody really cares what happens to them but we all have to hear about it anyway.

Looks like they got to keep their captain and and he will catch the bearded Atlanta icon John Smoltz next season. Now we can turn our attention to an endless stream of Bonds-mania. Ugghhh.

Heidi and Spencer! And I was dipping into “Days of our Lives” for my comparison. Yours is better, Erin.

Bonds mania, Grant? I thought next up was Manny mania, judging by the “Million Manny March” in New York. (Well, they only had 40 people marching.)

Brilliant! I love the “Days” tie in. How many times has Doc been dead, possessed or had amnesia? How many different people has John been? Yet, you know they’ll always get together in the end. Just like ‘Tek and the Red Sox.



Ah, so you’re a “Days” watcher, Kathy? Doc and John left the show last week. Their contracts weren’t renewed. So the characters supposedly went to Switzerland for medical treatment. LOL.

I was a “Days” watcher off and on for years. One year, during lent, I gave up all the TV shows I wouldn’t admit to watching (Days, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc.). When I tuned in after Easter, I realized I had missed nothing, and it was never quite the same for me. I heard Doc and John were leaving. Medical treatment…that cracks me up.


Yeah, in Lugano – a special clinic that treats people with “John’s condition.” Hilarious.

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