Yankees Build a “Vacation Stadium” in the Hamptons

The folks at The Onion have a new video that made me laugh. Dan at Pinstripes, Pa posted it earlier.

For your viewing pleasure….


So that’s why they don’t have enough money to sign Manny! The comments scrolling at the bottom were pretty interesting also!


Loved the scroll! Hilarious.

Gazebo covered on deck circles LOL..
The headline about the porn star on the scroll was hilarious.
Ahh.. gotta love American ‘news’.
– V [ http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com ]

How about the french doors, V? The whole thing cracked me up. I can’t stop watching it.

That’s a scream! Maybe the Giants should build a ‘vacation’ park on the waterfront with a place to dock their yachts. Oh, wait…they already have one.



True, Kathy. But now that Bonds is gone, will the boats still be circling for home run balls?

Summer vacation stadium eh? LOL. After all those signings they still have enough money?
Your book comes out soon! I’m excited! When I told my dad about it, well, here’s how the conversation went.
Me: Hey Dad, one of my friends who I blog with, Jane, is coming out with a book soon.
Dad: That’s cool, what’s it about.
Me: It’s about baseball and the Yankees
Dad: The Yankees?? She’s a YANKEE fan?
Me: Well, yes but.. she’s a nice one!

Maybe the boats will be back, if they sign Manny!

I don’t know how nice you’ll think I am after you read the book, Elizabeth. Remember – I warned you! I’m very partisan! Just try to pretend that it’s you writing the book and you’re following the Red Sox to every game. Maybe you’ll empathize!

Kathy, are the Giants still interested in Manny? They’ve sort of slipped off the radar. Well, so has every team when it comes to signing him.

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