If You’re Sick of A-Rod and Madonna, Don’t Read This

arodmadonna.jpgSeriously. Why am I posting about these two when I should be addressing loftier matters – like whether Mark Teixeira should bat third or fourth in the Yankees lineup?
I’m disgusted with myself, especially since I made a New Year’s resolution not to care about the personal lives of the Pinstriped Ones. Still, I can’t help wondering if new playmates are derailing the couple known as Arodonna.
A-Rod is now said to be interested in someone named Melissa Britos, who is described by the media as a “bridal model.” Here she is being bridal.
Melissa_Britos.bridal 2_jpg.jpeg
Here she is being “Hey, Alex. I had a great time last night. Did you?”
Has A-Rod lost interest in Madonna or is he just playing the field, pun intended?
As for Madonna, she’s rumored to have found herself a model too. He’s Brazilian and his name is Jesus – only fitting since she spends part of her concert on a cross.
Here he is being model-ish.
Here they are being “We’re at this party together but we’re keeping our distance for the paparazzi.”
(Can you spot Jesus in the back looking a little deer-in-the-headlights? And who’s that bald guy on the right wearing lipstick? He reminds me of one of the Munsters.)
O.K. I’m done with the gossip and innuendo. Yech. I’m ashamed that I wrote such an inane, thoroughly insignificant post.
Tomorrow I’ll blog about something truly meaningful: the Yankees’ annual hazing ritual.
Is it bad for baseball? Should prized rookies be forced to dress like characters from “The Wizard of Oz?” Will MLB get involved?
I know. I wish there was actual news, too. Somebody please sign Manny already.


Hey – the Red Sox did the Wizard of Oz hazing theme a couple of years ago! As for Madonna & A-Rod – see I asked you – “If he couldn’t dance, would she want him?” Maybe that’s the problem!


Hi, Jane …

Well, I really didn’t want to read another A-Rod / Madonna story — but, I did !!! … All I could think about, though, was the upcoming baseball season; and, two outs, two on, A-Rod up at the plate, with the Yankees losing, 4-3, in the bottom of the 9th, [in some game, or any game for that matter] … In these game situations, I would really like to see almost any other Yankee batter up at the plate !!! … The question is: How much will all these “off-the-field” distractions affect Alex Rodriguez [again] in 2009 ??? … Anyway, a more interesting story than A-Rod / Madonna, is the profile and interview of Mickey Rourke [today – Sunday Jan 4th] on the “Sunday Morning” show on CBS … The program already aired here in New York at 9:00 a.m. … Jane, since you gave all of us a preview of Rourke’s new movie, “The Wrestler”, the “Sunday Morning” interview of Mickey Rourke is a great profile to watch if you get the chance this morning … I would guess the “Sunday Morning” program also goes on the air in the 9:00 a.m. hour in CA . So, hopefully, you will be able to watch the interview !!! …… “Think Spring” !!! ….. Jimmy [27NYY] … http://baseballtheyankeesandlife.mlblogs.com/

I’m thinking they’ll be through dancing by Opening Day, Julia. Just a hunch.

Jimmy, I’m with you. I don’t want A-Rod to have any distractions once the season starts. He doesn’t have to live like a monk, but no canoodling with international pop divas! Thanks for the heads-up about the “Sunday Morning” profile of Mickey Rourke. I missed it, having read your comment after the show aired. Rats.

In that next to last picture, I think that is Derek Zoolander. =)

Red Sox Ramblings: http://thevendahhh.mlblogs.com

LOL, Greg. There’s definitely a resemblance. Very odd looking crowd altogether.

I’m all about Britos if A-rod gets sick of her too. Can you get me her number, Jane?

Alrighty, Jeff. I’ll get right on it!


Don’t beat yourself over the head for going back to the MadRod well. God puts fruit on the trees for us to pick.

el duque

Well, what else are you gonna post about? Football?

The baseball world has been D-E-A-D and totally anti-climactic this offseason-The big names are signed, the Red Sox Suck, and MLB Network is ready-to-go.

So, who can fault you for posting about A-Roddona?

I don’t like Maddona. I only Liked her in Desperately Seeking Susan. Remember that movie???

Anyways…Jane, do you feel confident in this bullpen???

Jane I feel like a little less of a person after reading that! Lol when it comes down to who is going to sign manny who can blame you.

Couldn’t find anything but guys in mascara to write about…yeash…Let’s extend the season or put something in place for the off season so we KNOW we have something to write about.


You’re right, duque. I’m being too hard on myself.

I do remember “Desperately Seeking Susan,” Michael. And I liked Madonna in it. I liked her in “A League of Their Own” too. And I give her credit for getting out there and touring at this stage of her career. Do I feel confident in the Yankees’ bullpen (aside from Mo, you mean)? I feel pretty good about Bruney, Marte and Coke.

Maybe we’ll have some “real” news to write about in the new few days, Tom. If not, there’s no telling what might show up on this blog.

A-Rod is NOT wearing mascara, Chris! A little lip gloss maybe.🙂

lol broke that resolution already?! It’s ok, your not alone. I resolved to not let fans from other teams get on my nerves and I got into a “heated debate” with a guy, during A Show of Their Own, tonight. So, you’re not alone.🙂

I’m dying to hear about your “heated debate,” Brit. Email me and tell me what happened!

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