Buried in Pinstripes?

Today’s NY Times has an editorial announcing that Major League Baseball has said yes to caskets! To be more specific, MLB has authorized team logos on a line of caskets for fans who want to take their team with them to heaven (or wherever).

Courtesy of the Branch Funeral Home in Smithtown, Long Island, here’s the Yankees model.
Nice, huh? I’d want to be wearing my Mariano Rivera jersey, Yankees sweatpants and the cap with the N-Y in rhinestones, of course. And I’d hope to God someone positions me with my arms around my Derek Jeter bobble head doll. (I’d better put that in my Living Will.) 
What’s the price for eternal fandom, you ask? $5,000. Pretty stiff, if you’ll forgive the pun.
Are you a Mets fan? Here’s what your chariot to The Next Life will look like.
If you love baseball (stupid of me; you wouldn’t be on this blog if you didn’t), these MLB caskets are way better than, say, the garden-variety item they call “The Princeton,” even if it is solid mahogany.
So stop what you’re doing today, go straight to your local funeral parlor, whip out your wallet and flash some leather. It’ll be worth it when your time comes.


That would be some afterlife, eh? I heard that Royals fans get a discount since they’re closest to the ‘walking dead’.


A funeral home in Massachusetts took delivery of a Red Sox casket last month. You can also get an urn for your ashes if you prefer. Nothing like going out in style!



I was just reading about the heavy rains & the risk of mudslides in the LA area. I hope your home isn’t one of the ones threatened.


If my family spends $5000 on a coffin for me, I will haunt them forever.

$5000? I’m just getting me a black market coffin. I’ll spare myself the opportunity to be buried in with an authentic MLB logo.


For all we know, Jeff, Royals fans automatically get to heaven no matter what conveyance they use. They’ve suffered too much to have the pearly gates locked on them.

I’d probably go with the urn, Julia. Then my husband could sprinkle some ashes at Yankee Stadium. As for the storm and mudslides, yep, it’s California, land of the disasters. No slide yet on my street but others I know are without power.

Come on, gangsta. You’re worth the $5,000 and more. You, too, Aaron.

Haha, that’s great Jane. I would totally love to be burried in one of those… hopefully not for a looong time. hopefully by that time i’ll be proudly wearing a CC Sabathia Yankees jersey… because of course he’d won us 3 world championships by then.

Good point, Alex. We will all be draped in jerseys sporting the names CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett….and Nick Swisher.

Wow.. I don’t know if those caskets are for realllly fans, or fans who are stalker-like obsessed… either way, the Yankee one does look pretty sweet.
Lmao @ Jeff’s comment. We could’ve said that about the Rays too.. but now that they’ve risen from the dead, so to speak, I think their coupon has become invalid lol.
V – http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com

Makes you wonder which team, if any, will rise from the dead next, V. I’d love to see the Royals surprise people, for ex.

The Royals aren’t as far out as people think. They have two young boppers in Alex Gordon and Billy Butler that are still developing, and if they can land another pitcher they could start competing. Gil Meche and Zach Grienke have been pretty good for that team.

I agree. I have a feeling they’re not going to be a punch line much longer. They renovated their stadium and put a competitive team on the field and, if I remember correctly, got off to a great start in ’08, only to falter. If they start competing in the AL Central, it would certainly make things interesting.

Wow! I wonder if they have any Indians ones.
Do you know? lol. (: Cool entry! Nice blog, also.

Thanks, tribechick. Always good to have another She-Fan on the blogs. Will check out yours in a sec. I think MLB licensed caskets in every major league city, so consult your local funeral home if you’re interested!

It’s a little early for a Mets coffin, no? They usually don’t bury themselves until September.

Badda boom, maxblog. So you agree with Cole Hamels that they’re choke artists?

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