Goodbye, Darrell. I’ll Miss You. In a Way.

But first, my nightly fire update. More planes dropped water on Montecito/Santa Barbara today. Actually, it’s not water. It’s some sort of chemical.


The winds have stayed calm, which means I’m still safe in my house blogging as opposed to being stuck in a Red Cross shelter. Jeff Bridges wasn’t so lucky with his house, which burned to the ground. Same for the house of Christopher Lloyd (the actor from “Back to the Future”). I can’t really go outside because the air is full of gross particles and I’m supposed to wear one of these.
(The protective mask, not the zippered sweatshirt.)
Despite the toxic air, I consider myself very blessed. South of here, near L.A., they’re getting hit with the kind of hurricane-force winds and raging, out-of-control fires we had Thursday night. Just awful to contemplate.
So I’ll move on to another topic, which is the departure of Darrell Rasner.
According to ESPN, the Yankees sold the rights to Darrell (can you really sell the rights to a person?) for $1 million.
The recipient of all these bills are the Golden Eagles of Japan’s Pacific League.
I don’t read Japanese either, but it probably says, “Let’s go Eagles!” Apparently, Darrell wanted to play in the Land of the Rising Sun and asked Cashman to facilitate the deal. So now he’ll be heading to the mound with this on his head.
Not as cool as the interlocking N-Y, but not a bad logo, all things considered. The Golden Eagles are based in a city called Sendai in northwest Japan.
And while Sendai doesn’t have the excitement of Manhattan, it does have something called the Tanabata Festival, which is probably similar to the Puerto Rican day parade down Fifth Avenue.
And you’ll never guess the name of the stadium where Darrell will be working.
It’s called the Kleenex Miyagi Stadium. No kidding.
And people say there’s no crying in baseball.
Anyhow, I’d like to wish Darrell and his family well in their new country. He wasn’t the greatest Yankee who ever lived, but he came up from Triple A last year and pitched respectably for awhile. He was sort of the 2007 version of Aaron Small.
Only without the 10 straight wins.
Farewell, Darrell. And thanks for the beautiful semi-sweet memories.


Darrell showed some real promise early in the season.. i thought he was caught in the quadruple-A syndrome (being great in Triple-A but not cutting the mustard in the major leagues)..

i really thought he might break out of Quadruple-A, but he didn’t.. bye bye Darrell

Oh, good. The Yanks could use the cash. Rasner’s million should cover CC’s first week in New York. Maybe.
I guess MLB doesn’t need a bailout…

Steve T

Tissues + Karate Kid = One hilarious stadium name. LOL.
Can’t believe Raz asked for a trade and they give him Japan lol. What a move.
V –

Rasner did show promise early on, levelboss. But then teams figured him out. I’m wondering if Igawa should be returned to Japan for $1 million, since he, too, seems to pitch well in AAA but not in the bigs.

MLB already has a bailout, Steve. It’s called Revenue Sharing. Yikes. Maybe that’s socialism?

Hey, V. Long time no read. Hope all’s well!

That’s right, Jane. The Yanks and Red Sox finished behind a team to whom they’ve provided more faithful financial support than the fans in Tampa Bay ever have.

Steve T.

So we’ve been like the federal government, subsidizing failing institutions. Next thing you know, we’ll be asked to bail out General Motors.

How did the fire start? Was it just a brush fire that spread like, well, wildfire?
Let’s be honest about Rasner here; it was either go to Japan and get a chance to get paid well and pitch, or stay in North America (note to Sarah Palin—-that’s one of the seven continents) and pitch for someone’s Triple A team as the fifteenth man on a twelve man staff. He’d make a living doing that, but wouldn’t get the money or better chance at success he’ll have in Japan.

The cause of the fire is still “under investigation.” Sometimes it’s the work of an arsonist. Sometimes it’s as simple as a spark from a car. The conditions have been so hot and dry and the Santa Anas so fierce that anything could have started the fire. I’m just glad it’s 70% contained as of this morning. As for Darrell, I think he did absolutely the right thing for himself and his family. Getting a nice paycheck is no mean feat in this economy (unless you’re CC, of course).

Glad that you continue to be safe. I would have to agree that Darrell did the right thing for he and his family. I hope that playing in Japan is all that he hoped for. And Kleenex? Now that funny!

My feelings about Darrell bounced about all year, so I don’t know what to think just yet.. And thank you for clarifying the 10-0 thing between Rasner and Small.

I had to double check when I read the name Kleenex for that stadium. Amazing what you learn on the Internet!

I’ve never forgotten that 10-0 run Aaron Small gave us, neal. It was pretty amazing, and, I’m sure, a dream of a lifetime for him. Rasner came through when we needed him – at first – but his talent was AAA. Seemed like a really good guy though.

Just me to say I think I jumped the fun about Jeff Bridges. Seems the gossip at the local pharmacy may have been wrong and his house was spared.

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