I Can’t Help Myself

I try not to concern myself with the personal lives of Yankees, but who am I kidding? I’m obsessed with all things Yankees. So naturally, as I was skimming the day’s news, my eyes landed on Page Six of the New York Post and I was riveted. A “copter quickie” for A-Rod and Madonna? And then a visit to Jerry Seinfeld’s house? Isn’t Jerry a Mets fan?


WHAT!?! Stop the press! Excuse me if I’m wrong, Jane, but isn’t the New York Post a cesspool for ungrounded rumor and speculative, loosely-supported filibustering? That’s what I hear. But you bet I’m gonna read it!

National Enquirer is more newsworthy than the NY Post or Boston Herald for that matter.

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That’s the beauty of being an equal opportunity reader, Jeff. I can go from the NY Times to the NY Post in one head-spinning second without getting dizzy.

And you’re right about the Enquirer, Greg. They “broke” the story about John Edwards after all.

Jerry was a Mets fan on the show, so I guess probably in real life too. Kramer told him what happened in the game after Jerry recorded it, and Jerry was angry about that.


You’re right, Joe. It was George who worked for the Yankees and Jerry who had a man crush on Keith Hernandez.

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