Movie Break

Went to see “Changeling” after reading reviews suggesting Angelina Jolie was a shoo-in for the Best Actress Oscar. She’s great, but those lips. Seriously.

They take up the whole lower third of her face, and it’s just wrong.
As for the movie, if you like dark, depressing stories about corrupt cops, serial killers and looney bins, this one’s for you. Personally, I found it talky and boring.
Here’s the trailer.


Her lips bother me, and so do Keira Knightley’s… she can’t close her mouth.
I could really use a movie break. I do have Fever Pitch on the TiVo…
Kylie —

I’ll definitely be seeing this sometime. Clint = Gold

Red Sox Ramblings:

I loved Fever Pitch, Kylie. I’d watch it again for sure even though it’s about the Red Sox.🙂

Hey, Greg. I’m a big Clint fan – thought Unforgiven, Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby were among the best movies ever. But this one? Not so much. Maybe you’ll disagree.

Jane, do you think the Yankees will resign Bobby Abreu? Arod’s my favorite player, but i like Bobby’s swing.. the smoothest swing in baseball imho.. and he does give many rbi’s per season (maybe not enough for his salary)

If the Yankees can sign Abreu for a short-term deal I think they’ll do it, levelboss. It sounds like he wants three years or so, however, and I’m not sure they’d be willing to commit to that. He does have a great swing and gives us 100 RBIs, and he’s well liked in the clubhouse. Plus, he’s patient at the plate and gives us walks. It’s just the money and the # of years that could send him packing.

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