Rays-Red Sox Game 4: Not Good! Not Good! Not Good!

Aw, I’m just having a little fun with “Sweet Caroline.” It’s a lame song and even these junior members of Red Sox Nation can’t bring themselves to finish it.

The boy looks like he could be Papelbon’s spawn, doesn’t he?
Anyhow, the Red Sox were beaten badly by the Rays – again. Some of the Fenway “faithful” left the ballpark early, and Stephen King was definitely reading a book during the game (I saw him, Greg). Not that I blame them. It’s painful when your team can’t pitch or hit.
Great work by Sonnanstine. And how about Crawford going 5-for-5?
Can the Red Sox come back? Of course. Yankee fans know that all too well. But the Rays don’t seem like they’re feeling any pressure, not since that first game at the Trop. The only person who may be choking is this guy….
He won the New York pizza eating contest, downing 45 slices in 10 minutes, talk about a champion.


The pizza eater looks more like Paplebon’s spawn. Is that pizza or crow? We’ll know soon.

I’m sticking with the little boy. He’s got that crazed look in his eye – very Papelbonesque. I bet he can do an Irish jig too.

Hopefully Kazmir can turn it around tomorrow night. He’s struggled against the Red Sox this year. Shields was pushed back to Game 6 because Kazmir and the Game 6 umpire have had a run-in earlier this season.

Didn’t know that about Kazmir and the ump. Interesting. I just thought the switch was because Shields didn’t have good numbers at Fenway.

They mentioned both scenarios on SportsCenter this morning. Joe Maddon really seems on the ball.

Yeah, Maddon does seem on the ball. One of the things that amazed me is how, after the first game of this series when the Rays looked overwhelmed by the occasion, he found a way to talk to his players and relax/motivate them. They made adjustments, in other words – something that didn’t happen with the Yankees last season.

Oh my goodness! Jeez, 45 slices in 10 minutes. Crawford’s hitting .500 in the series, by the way. When did he start batting 5th, anyway?

It’s not over yet! Well, yeah, it sure looks like it is after this latest embarrassment, but we Red Sox fans have been conditioned to win after the team had fallen behind in 04 and 07. It’s a little thing they do. Makes it more exciting.
Of course this comes after decades of being conditioned to lose, so call us crazy, but you know what Yogi says….

Steve T

Neal, the pizza guy is the same guy who won the NY hot dog eating contest. I’d hate to be his intestines! I think Crawford started batting 5th after he came back from the DL. They didn’t think he’d be 100%. Wrong.

Hey, Steve. It’s definitely not over yet. People in Yankeeville would be foolish to count the Sox out after your comeback against us. But they do have a way of giving their fans heart attacks, right?

Yep, the Sox have a way of killing you whether they win or lose. But when they win… well, look who I’m talking to. Remember 10 years ago how sweet that Yankees World Series dynasty was? There is nothing like winning it all in October.

Hey, I just may be the next October Gonzo!

Steve T.

Ouch. You had to rub it in that it was TEN years ago. That’s an eternity in Yankee years! Winning is totally addictive. Once you’ve had a taste of it, there’s no going back.

Oops, didn’t mean that as a shot, but what the heck🙂
Four WS trophies in that short a span deserves to be talked about for decades. What’s strange is, going forward, it won’t be a two-team league anymore. Sox, Yanks, and Rays battling it out for the division for at least the next few seasons to come. This TB team isn’t going away anytime soon.


Actually, I was thinking about how I feel now that the Rays will be the enemy instead of the lovable losers. And you’re right – there will be a battle in the AL East, especially if Toronto hangs on to Burnett.

I’m going for the Sox, and that was a really tough game. I think they can come back, but they’ve got to get it going!

I agree they can come back, Kaybee. But they need a great performance by Dice K and a much better showing by the offense (especially Ortiz).

Nice front page real estate there, Jane! I agree, that kid could be the next Papelbon. And suddenly, pizza just doesn’t sound good anymore. Ick.

Yikes. I just looked at that page. I had no idea I was on it, so thanks for the heads-up, Jeff.

Crawford made the Rays front office look even more ‘golden’ than it already is last night. Not playing moneyball on him, and signing him to that big contract was a good move on their part.

Big time players, make big time plays!

Awesome game yesterday. Andy Sonnanstine can really show what he’s made of! The best part though in my opinion was Willy Aybar’s 5 runs in the game. That was cool. Well, only one game till the World Series, and I think we can make it. Go Rays!

Yeah, welikeroy, I love that the Rays didn’t nickel and dime Crawford and signed him. He was their star before the team was any good, and I’m glad for him that they’re in the postseason now. He deserves the limelight.

Sonnanstine and Aybar were, indeed, awesome last night, raysfan, and you must be flying right now. It’ll be interesting to see if your guys come out with the same intensity and momentum tomorrow night, given the off day.

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