Real Estate Buyer Wanted – Make an Offer

Sure, the economy’s down. But somebody out there must have a little money left. Like $15 million, give or take.

Yes, A-Rod is selling his waterfront home in Coral Gables, FL, now that he and C-Rod are done. Come on, people. Pony up. It’s a big house – 8300 square feet with six bedrooms, five baths, three half-baths, and a pool, all on one-plus acre in a gated community. And just imagine the customized gym, the fully equipped batting cage and the huge bonus room with wall-to-wall glass trophy case!
You know you want it. You know you deserve it. Make an offer!


A nice retreat for a writer who wants privacy and warm weather. Jane, this house screams, Y-O-U.

Primo, you know me so well. Privacy and warm weather are my idea of heaven. Just one tiny problem: I don’t have the $15 million. Oh, and I bet there are a lot of mosquitoes in Coral Gables. I can’t do bugs.

How can anyone expect A-Rod and Madonna to fit themselves and their egos comfortably in that shoebox of a dwelling?

Steve T

Exactly! Anything less than 10,000 square feet is a shed!

Had I not bought that overpriced Starbucks this morning, I may have been able to afford that place!!!

Anyone know if it comes with that yacht? If it does, I am seriously interested.

The listing didn’t mention a yacht but, given the shaky real estate market, they’d probably throw one in. Maybe two.

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