Educating Myself about the Phillies

Since my adopted team, the Dodgers, will go back out there today and try again to beat the Phillies, I figured I should study up on starter Brett Myers. Uh-oh. Seems he has a temper. Hope he’s better behaved than this….



Greatest sound clip ever. I want to meet that reporter and buy him a beer.

Or maybe two beers. Talk about anger management.

What a big baby. Send that video to MLB and maybe they’ll fine him.
^^Go there and place your blog in the Yankee forums.^^

Is that an interview about beating his wife? I can’t view it on this computer.

Red Sox Ramblings:

When I posted the video, I thought it was a somewhat isolated incident. The only other thing I’d heard about Myers was that he’d had a shouting match with Charlie Manuel. But, Greg, that story on is really ugly. Yikes. The clip I posted was just a press conference where Myers goes off on a reporter. Thanks for shining the light on this guy. Now I really hope the Dodgers win.

Hell, let’s just buy him a case of beer. He’s also a wife beater, so, you know… he’s got “issues”.

Yeah, well he just drove in the go-ahead run with a base hit. BOOOO.

This guy is an embarrassment to his team. How much crap does he have to pull before the Phillies release him?

Steve T.

Agree, Steve. He’s about to get the win today, so he’ll be their hero. No justice.

Lol, hilarious. You know heeee’s taking steroids. Kinda of makes you wish more guys would freak out like this. It’s wrong BUT funny.
V –

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